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Market Place

It is in members’ interest to include engine and/or chassis numbers to prevent fraud. Advertisements in this section are free to members, unless business orientated, when a nominal charge will be levied at the appropriate rate. The AC Owners’ Club Ltd holds no responsibility for the items or services advertised. These advertisements will appear on the ACOC website by the middle of this month.

A number of sellers have been approached recently by fraudsters posing as potential purchasers. Sellers are cautioned that their internet advertisements reach a wide audience and that they should beware of scam and “phishing” approaches. Under no circumstances should confidential information such as bank account or credit card details be divulged unless there is certainty about a purchaser’s credentials and honesty. When placing your “Market Place” advertisement please make it clear if you do not want it to appear on the ACOC website.

To place an advert in ACtion please contact David Goose,

E-mail acocsubs@aol.com, Tel: 01799 584020

Last updated: 13/05/2024



Total AC
Wanted All ACs Dead or Alive.
Do you have an AC motorcar, parts or memorabilia that you would like to sell?
We want your AC, immediate decision, best prices paid with swift collection.
Any condition welcome, whether it's a basket case or garage queen.
Contact us now.
AC Heritage International Brokers of Historic & Classic Motorcars,
Brooklands Motor Circuit,
Surrey KT13 0QN, England.
Charlie Gray 07557 878123
Steve Gray 07860 912217
Workshop 01932 828545

Brian Eacott AC Spares.
Many parts in stock
Telephone: 0208 397 8472
Mobile: 07885945193
Email: brianeacott@tiscali.co.uk

Jonathan Bradburn Historic Cars.
Bristol 100D engine, 12 port Barwell head ex Paul Fletcher Ace, triple twin choke 40 DCM Webers, fully rebuilt with new crank, rods etc. little used, last new block from AC stores, dyno tested to 180 bhp plus. Also Bristol engines BS1 Mk 3 ex Cooper, BS 1A ex ERA/Bristol cars and BS1A SC ex Cliff Davis, BS1 MK 3A ex Wharton, all with history and rebuilt or prepared for final assembly. Bristol 12 port head with Le Mans crank and rods etc. New original 7 core plug block. Bristol FNS C/R gearbox ex Gerard, Bristol BWCR 7 gearbox and Bristol BWCR11 overdrive gearbox all rebuilt. Other parts and gearboxes, block etc.
Please call with your requirements.
jonathanbradburn@btopenworld.com or telephone 01624 803052. www.jbradburn.co.uk

AC Parts
I have a considerable collection of AC parts covering almost all models except Cobra. Engine, transmission, suspension, body, electrical & a few accessories, Some new and others good used.
If interested members would like to contact me via email: brianeacott@tiscali.co.uk
e-mail: vintage@xlnmail.com or telephone 01566 783779 a current list can be mailed.
Colin Dunn

The Club has for sale though Thames Ditton Spares the following MkIV spares:
Front oval nudge bar (used) £150
Rear parallel nudge bar (used) £150
Side air extractor vents (new) 1 pair £230 pair
Inner door panels in black leather 1 pair £175 pair
Straight steering arms 2 £150 each
Restored over riders 2 £100 each
Restored centre lock wheel nuts 2 x LH £30 each
Restored centre lock wheel nuts 2 x RH £30 each
Rear hub LH (unused) £300
Rear hub RH (unused) £300
Radiator (used) £250
All prices plus packing & postage.
Please contact Bertie Gilbart-Smith, Telephone: 0118 932 1400, e-mail: bgs@gilbart-smith.co.uk


AC engine overhauls, water jacket replacements, oil seal conversions.
Spares: Fast road and sports camshafts, uprated rocker shafts and rockers, valves and guides, chains and tensioners, adjustable chainwheels, various pistons, cross-shaft assemblies, gaskets and seals, traditional and uprated oil pumps, crankshaft skew gears and rear hubs, reconditioned distributors and water pumps, remote oil filters, clutches, nuts, bolts, studs. Loads of used spares.
Splined PVT hubs.
Urgently required, post war AC water pumps, dead, decayed or dire or just rear castings only. Contact Rod Briggs, Telephone: 01458 273476,
e-mail: ac6rod@gmail.com Website: www.ac-6.co.uk


David Whitehouse - AC and Aceca Restoration and Parts
Restoration work carried out on Ace and Acecas.
Reasonable rates and individual customer service.
Overseas customers welcome.
UK South Coast Base.

AC/Aceca parts for sale:
AC UMB Short engine
Bristol Engine with twelve port head
Bristol 100B2 engine and gearbox
Discs, Callipers and brackets
Front Drum braking system complete
Front and rear uprights
Stub axles
Ace and Ace diff housings
Suspension wishbones
AC CLV short engine - Unstamped
Bristol clutch slave cylinder brackets
Bristol engine anti rock brackets
Choke cables
Electrical items -eg horns, horn push

AC parts wanted:
Ace project- any condition
Over riders
Aluminium fan for AC engine-to buy or borrow

David Whitehouse, Telephone: 07836 752650, e-mail: d_whitehouse@hotmail.com

Members & Private

Cars For Sale:

FPF 696 is a 1936 AC 16/70 4-seater Drophead in need of a lot of TLC having been restored in the early 90s. It has a blown head gasket and a broken stud on a post war engine and up until early November was in regular use. Comes with its VSCC Buff form. Offers in the region of £14,000 for what was a great car until the head gasket went! Please contact Mike Smith, telephone 01380 830351 or e-mail lizdotesio@btinternet.com

1984 AC 3000ME, ME175, exterior white useable as is, interior black good. 17777 miles. Dry stored for 30 years. Requires full recommissioning. £16250.  Please telephone 0117 9671550 (Bristol)

Cars Wanted:

Private collector is looking for original Cobra and Ace - all models and any condition welcome.
Please contact Kay Hafner, 0049 1607 029241 or e-mail: 289@gmx.net

Parts For Sale:

AC CLB-engine gasket, original from AC, never used, new condition. £100 plus £30 postage* to UK. Germany would cost less. *Please ask re other destinations.
Please contact by e-mail: info@askwest.com

Smiths speedometer suitable for Ace or Aceca. Dual marked 0 - 120 mph on outside with kph marked on inner. It has zero miles registered and appears to be unused. £250. Any P&P to be advised. Please telephone 07951 174824
Please contact: info@askwest.com

16" Autokraft Mk IV Hallibrand Style Wheels with centre painted gold. Good condition, Full set (2x 8J and 2x7J).
For further information please contact by e-mail: david@davidhudson.net

Pair of new Armstrong rear dampers for 2 litre saloon £30.00

Pair of good used rear dampers and a pair of good used front dampers for 2 litre saloon. £25.00 the lot.
MAYSTAR Radio/cassette player. Ex Mk VI Cobra. £5.00
All plus postage.
Please contact Mike Berrisford, telephone: 01293883635 or e-mail: mberrisfordandco@gmail.com

NOS AC water pump carbon thrust washer same price as purchased in 1986 £7-50


NOS AC water pump carbon thrust washer same price as purchased in 1986 £7-50
1 only Girling front drum brake banjo, bolt and copper washers £10-00
NOS front drum brake adjuster kit £20-00
NOS Ferodo front brake pads £40-00
NOS PR. Lucas Wiper wheel boxes £95-00
NOS 1 only Lucas oval twin washer jet £60-00
NOS PR. 1” Girling rear wheel cyl’s £180-00
NOS Girling clutch slave cyl. £60-00
NOS Girling clutch master cyl. £50-00
Lucas DB10 relay (probably new) tested working £65-00
Lucas DB10 relay S/H (tested working) £45-00
NOS PR. Lucas front/side indicator lights (wired ready to fit) £70-00
PR. of reconditioned Lucas tripod headlamps £160-00
Sale of repro. L542 rear light gaskets £5-00

Happy to supply pics of any of the above items.
All the above plus P/P or collect from AL2.
Please contact Barry, telephone: 01727 872819, or e-mail: bazhow@hotmail.com

Parts Wanted:

Pre-war AC carburettor air filters 3 no, inlet manifolds 3 no. Hoping someone can help in my quest any item welcome dead or alive. Please contact Nigel Phillips, telephone: Daytime 01202625580, Mob 07961454384, e-mail: 1nigephillips1@gmail.com


AC Owners’ Club “BULLETIN” 1950s & 1960s Back issues required. Number’s: 54 / 57 / 58 & 59. and any dated 1961 and 1962.
Please contact Keith Lessiter, e-mail: keith.lessiter@gmail.com


The following publications have either been bequeathed or donated to the Club, and are now offered for sale, 100% of the proceeds for these items goes to the Club funds.

Back copies of ACOC Bulletins and ACtion at £2 each, ‘Bound copies’ include the binder £25 each, all plus postage:

1952 February, March, April, October, November/December
1953 March, April, May/June, July/August, October, November, December
1954 January, June/July
1955 January
1975 January, June, July, October
1976 April
1977 May, November, December
1978 February - August, October - December. Bound copies May 1978 – April 1979
1979 February - December. Bound copies May 1979 – April 1980
1980 February, March, May, June - December. Bound copies May 1980 – April 1981
1981 February, April – to October, December. Bound copies May 1981 – April 1982
1982 February - June, August, October. Bound copies May 1982 – April 1983
1983 Feb, April, May, July- September, December. Bound copies May 1983 – April 1984
1984 February - December
1985 February - May, July, September - December
1986 February - June, July, August, September, October, November, December
1987 February - December
1988 February – December
1989 February – December
1990 February – December
1991 February – December
1992 February - December
1993 January – October, December
1994 February – December
1995 February – July, September, November, December
1996 February – December
1997 February – May, July – December
1998 February – December
1999 February – December
2000 February – July, September – December
2001 February – December
2002 February – December
2003 February – October, December
2004 February – December
2005 February – December
2006 February – August
2007 February, March, May, July – September
2008 February – April, June – December
2009 February, June – October, December
2010 February to May, December
2012 March – May, July, August, October, December
2013 May, July – December
2014 January – November
2015 February – May
2016 March

Annual Reviews at £3 each + Postage
1999 – 50th Anniversary

All publications exclude postage
Please contact Brian Gilbart-Smith, telephone 0118 932 1400, e-mail:bgs@gilbart-smith.co.uk



Greyhound Rear Windows

We are now down to the last screen of the last batch and as there is little cost benefit in numbers we will not be doing another batch. 

In future screens will be produced to order using the existing former. 

If your rear window is crazed or cracked contact. 

Contact John Goose: johngoose@btinternet.com, 01799 523202.



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