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Crankshaft Damper
« on: August 22, 2020, 14:25:31 »
In common with all those who have care of a later version of the Weller A.C. Six I have a bonded metal and rubber 'Metalastik' crank shaft damper. There are those far more qualified than I to give an opinion, but I would observe that the superior fluid dampers now available do have the one drawback of not being original. I think it is fair to say that no original 'Metalastic' damper should now be relied upon - the passage of time, six decades, will have weakened the bonding between the damping element and the hub, even if it looks alright. I have been looking around for what seems to be a simple enough engineering operation - refurbishing the original 'Metalastic' damper with new rubber and bonding. I was surprised to discover no one in the U.K. offering such a procedure. Casting the net wider I did find two specialists, one in N.Z. and one in the U.S. The chap in N.Z. could not be contacted, but I had more success in the U.S.
Having sent my damper half way around the World and back I now have the original damper ready to fit to UMB 2043. The bonding has been done just as neatly as Metalastic did it in 1954 and the metal parts have been cleaned up good as new. Obviously only long term use will be a proper test, but I now have the original damper available and usable.
This is the contact for the chap who restored my damper and I can recommend him:

David 'Dale' Langsather
Dale Manufacturing
3425 Fairhaven Avenue N.E.
Salem, Oregon 97301
(503) 364- 8685

I do have a modern fluid damper ready to install and I am torn between originality and superior crank shaft protection, at least I do now have two options for defeating Selwyn Edge's famous 'Power Rumble'  thanks to Dale Langsather.

Robin A Woolmer

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Re: Crankshaft Damper
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2020, 19:38:07 »
These people sound very competent re-bonding the dampers, however i believe fitting the Viscous damper would be safer & not only able to deal with fundamental crankshaft resonance but also the harmonic resonances.
I recognise your interest in keeping the engine standard though!



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Re: Crankshaft Damper
« Reply #2 on: November 24, 2023, 15:47:04 »
As of August 2023 Dale Manufacturing posted a notice on their website that they are not accepting new work and are closing their business. 
I have used an alternative service located in Redding California named Damper Doctor for other dampers, but not AC. One of their dampers has been in service on my car for over 20 years.   Information for them can be found by googling damper repair or damper doctor.   

Bert Brown
Danville CA