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AC registry
« Reply #15 on: May 25, 2008, 12:31:55 »
Routine for accessing the Members' Area is:
   1.  Go to the Home page of the website.  Enter the username and password printed at the bottom of the title page of ACtion, next to the club website address.
   2.  A page comes up titled 'Welcome to the ACOC Members' Area'.
   3.  You are now logged in.  The 'Model Directory' button changes its function and now gives access to the Members' pages.
   4.  Click the 'Model Directory' button. A new page comes up with an Aceca at speed and a drop down menu to select the Members' Pages.  The link to the latest register is at the top of each Introduction page.
   5.  All the other buttons (Events, small ads etc) keep the same function as for the Public Area of the site, and if you click any of them you will leave the Members' area and have to click the 'Members' Area' button or re-login to gain access.
   Identified reasons why people find they can't get in:
   Having their CAPS LOCK key on, or capitalising the first letter of the username and password.  The username and password must ALL be entered in lower case, as written in ACtion.
   Using their Forum login - the Forum area is completely separate and outside the Members' Area.
   Using the Safari browser from a Mac - this is not supported and does not work.
   Using ye olde computere with a similarly ancient version of Internet Explorer.
   It works for me every time and always has done so, from my old office computers, from my new office computer, from my home computer and recently from the computer in the room in the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad!  Very occasionally racecar take the site down for maintenance and you can't get in - just try later.
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AC Ace Bristol

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Re: AC registry
« Reply #16 on: May 08, 2020, 10:40:50 »
Ruedi Aschwanden.

Thank you for your email  and passing on recently found details, These have been passed onto the relevant Registrar,

I take this opportunity to confirm  contact details of the current Registrars for  Ace and Aceca's.:-

AC Ace                   Allison Hildreth        allison at       
Ace Bristol             Tim Isles                  tim_Isles at
Aceca AC                Marc Atkinson         bristol411s5 at
Aceca Bristol          Richard Urwin         registrar at
Ace /Aceca 2.6       Bill Holgate             holgatew at

In Order to keep the registers up to date they  rely upon   Members, Owners and  past custodians  passing on information regards change of ownership, details on condition, restoration and past history, plus current and Period photographs.
These registers  are available to club members via the members section.   

These Cars are nearly 70 years , Future Custodians will appreciate accurate data before History is lost for ever... ;)
As we are Confined to Barracks during these difficult times of Coronavirus Covid-19
Please Take this opportunity to update your AC details along with pictures ………  Appreciated by each Registrar   :) 

Stay Safe and Stay Healthy... :)


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Re: AC registry
« Reply #17 on: July 10, 2020, 13:12:52 »
Very happy to co-operate in any way I can.