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Lucas E418 Dynamo
« on: June 09, 2020, 10:42:45 »
Hello all,

Just getting my car (1929 Aceca) ready for the road, finally.  The dynamo that came with it (Lucas E418) appears to be correct, but does not fit; the shaft is too long and fouls the mating flange inside the engine.  On dismantling, it has a nasty crack in the engine side flange, and still has a three brush set-up.  The car has a voltage regulator on it.  So clearly this is not the right dynamo for my car - possibly came off an Austin or something.  Given the work necessary to repair it and make it fit, I'm wondering whether better to look for another dynamo, off an AC.  Does anyone have such on their shelf?  Would also consider parts - the correct armature shaft would be a good start.

Many thanks for your helps.

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