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BEX1169 Restoration
« on: June 03, 2020, 03:19:20 »
Hi thanks for including me as part of your community.

As the title suggests we are about to finish the restoration of BEX1169 as started by Lorrie Hunt over 15 years ago. Once we start to assemble the car I hope to share it with the world on YouTube.

I believe this AC was Black on Red, first ordered in France by an RCAF pilot and eventually found it's way over to Vancouver.

It's going to be quite the project. I hope you don't mind me asking a few questions along the way.

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AC Ace Bristol

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Re: BEX1169 Restoration
« Reply #1 on: June 03, 2020, 10:15:41 »

Re: BEX1169
Welcome to the AC Owners Club Forum,    Thank you for sharing the pictures,  Looks a great Restoration project complete  with correct parts .

Are you a ACOC Member ?    Are you the owner or are your restoring BEX1169 on behalf of a customer ?

The Ace Bristol Register confirms that BEX1169 left Thames Ditton for D L Works / France on 20th October 1960, painted Black Pearl with Red interior.
Engine number should read 100D2 1070, the gearbox number should be the same or very close. Correct Dash Complete with optional  Oil Temp gauge.
The club records read, owned since 1972 . EX Roundling 67, Student. Hamilton, Hunt 72. Derelict for 25 years. Current owner listed as  L J Hunt..Canada.

The only pictures I have of BEX1169 are dated 1973 when the Ace was painted White,  These  two pictures of BEX1169, are confirmed by text on reverse side of photos " BEX1169  1973 ", These were supplied via Brian Gilbart - Smith who started  ACOC Ace Bristol Register. and made regular visits to Thames Ditton to hand copy the AC Cars Build Bible of Ace Bristols.
The Ace Bristol Registrar is now
 Can you please confirm your email address and your membership number and I will email you the Two pictures Dated 1973.
In the meantime I will forward your pictures onto Tim Isles.

All the Best with the restoration, please keep us all informed, For  any parts or assistance ....  Just Ask.  :)

We have  a Club Member with Ace in Vancouver Area.

Cheers for Now



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Re: BEX1169 Restoration
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2020, 07:15:28 »
Keith, thanks for the information.

I am not an ACOC member, but my client here in Victoria BC is. I have a stack of the lastest ACtions sitting here by my side. Me and my father run the last remaining British car repair shop in town ( and I extend the welcome to all ACOC members to visit in Sidney, BC. We are about to disassemble the engine and I am very interested in suppliers of seals and gaskets for the Bristol 100D2 engine.

Very much looking forward to talking with Tim Isles about his great work. My e-mail is if anyone wants to reach me. Finding the RCAF pilot that first bought the car would be fantastic.

We do have two photos of car when it was white and used by the Hunt's as their wedding car.