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Re-imagined British Motoring Icon
« on: December 09, 2019, 14:41:37 »
AC's 21st century progress:

November 2019
   'In 2020 AC Cars will launch a British motoring icon re-imagined for the electric age.'
December 2016
   'The AC Cobra 378 will be produced in 2017 as a reborn version of the classic sports car with a V8 engine and a traditional ladder chassis.'
September 2016
   'AC Cars will build nine new aluminium-bodied AC Cobras as part of a ‘legacy’ series.'
March 2012
   'AC returns to Geneva with four car line-up including a new supercar.'
February 2011
   'AC has announced it's returning to the UK market and will exhibit the Mk VI version of its venerable roadster at the 2011 Geneva motor show.'
April 2008
   'Acedes Holdings, LLC (“AC Cars”) has today announced that it will be manufacturing certain derivatives of its heritage product in the USA.'
March 2006
   'An agreement between Texas-based Unique Performance and AC Cars Ltd. will officially return genuine sports cars from the historic British marque to North America.'
November 2005
   'AC Cars, Britain's oldest sports car company, will build its first U.S. manufacturing plant in Bridgeport as part of a strategy to increase its American sales.'

Announcements are expected to continue apace.