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GDPR options
« on: June 28, 2019, 09:32:43 »
ACOC members will have received a form asking them to check some options about sharing their personal details that relate to General Data Protection. Just a reminder to those who read the forum to return the prepaid form to Herts Display or to me if you are a member from abroad. When you view a member's profile (having securely logged in) you will shortly see their name and membership number only. If you check the boxes on the letter accompanying ACtion to allow us to display one, two, three or all of the options (address, phone number, email and car details) then this is what a member will see as well when they look at your profile. If you wish to find members near you or members with a similar car to you then this is invaluable and has been the case until recently when we had to adopt this new stance in light of regulation. So do please send your forms back! Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

Bob Langley
ACOC Membership Secretary