Author Topic: ac ace brooklands front springs 1995  (Read 4399 times)


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ac ace brooklands front springs 1995
« on: June 18, 2019, 17:10:50 »
Please can anybody help, just bought a 1995 ace Brooklands and it needs new front springs, I know many parts  are from various parts bins, CAN ANYBODY HELP??????? I have no idea where to find this info as with many parts on it, somebody suggested may be GM parts?


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Re: ac ace brooklands front springs 1995
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2019, 09:04:39 »
Hi Nick,
there are several posts on suspension and shock absorbers under the "AC Brooklands Forum". Use the search feature with search word "suspension" and select the Brooklands forum to limit the result.

I hav'nt got as far as removing my front shocks yet, but I have info. on the rear shocks. They are Koni series 30 adjustable gas fitted with a coil-over conversion kit. I'll post the article code of the shock absorber later as I'm in a rush to an appointment.

Can be an idea to re-post your query under the "Brooklands forum".

BR /Paho

Found the part number: Koni Holland 30 1578 SP1 9510. When searching I've used Koni 30 1578, though the '8' on one of the shocks looks like a 'B'. I will see if I can find/see the corresponding part number on the front shocks over the weekend. I see from the forum that Spax shocks have been used as replacements. Mine are the origonal fitted in 1995, same year model as yours.

To mine knowledge there are no GM parts at all used on the car. Its Ford for the most part, some parts of the suspension coming from Ford Scorpio (Granada) or Sierra Cosworth, wishbones are bespoke and the rear hubs. But other parts, such as the windscreen wiper motor is Peugeot/Renault for example.
BR /Paho

... just to finish off, I've looked at the front shocks but unfortunately the part number stamps are very corroded. What I can see the number is Koni 30 1577 then 9510, I assume the SP1 (if its there) is hidden by rust.
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