Author Topic: Can Anyone Tell me what Happened to Lockheed Company?  (Read 694 times)


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Folks: I continue to search for exact replicas or NOS Lockheed tie rod end (joint) dust cover boots for the Worm and Sector AC Bristol (late model) or early AC Cobra. I believe the Brit's call these ends ball joints, but we use that term in the US for the lower suspension point on the Rack and Pinion 289 and 427 Cobras. The original dust covers (boots) have "Lockheed", "Made in England", and a part number on them. If Lockheed is out of business, I'm wondering if I can re-produce these boots with their name embossed on them, just like the originals. I'm NOT making the actual suspension end---just the rubber boot that keeps the grease contained. I have searched repeatedly for these, but have failed to locate any. Thus, I'm thinking of re-creating them for sale to recover some of the cost. Any help or thoughts is most appreciated!!