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Video talks about Triumph Engine AC Aceca - 2 mins in to this video Fuzz talks about the Triumph engine.

Triumph Engine AC Aceca Factory Installed in 1957.

After the restoration of this AC Aceca on Car SOS the owner and Car SOS were in touch with the AC Committee. What they thought was a previous replacement engine installation was actually a one and only factory installed Triumph engine. The Stock letter ’T’ refers to Triumph in the log book.

Date: July 2nd 1957 Car: AC Aceca Color: Gunmetal with Red AC Leather Stock#: TAE 618 (T representing Triumph) All other vehicles listed have AE


Originally built in 1957 this rare AC Aceca (1 of 328) was the only ‘one’ factory installed Triumph engine. AC at the time was looking to replace their original AC engine and built this as a trial. After 14 years with its first owner it was then purchased in 1971 by it’s second owner who has owned it to this day. It has gone through a full restoration thanks to CAR SOS and now is home to the British Motor Museum for the Car SOS Exhibition until Feb 2019.


In 2015 Car SOS was contacted to restore this one of a kind AC Aceca. To the owners knowledge the car was being shown in an exhibit for AC Aceca’s until all was revealed at the end. Members of the AC Committee were at the reveal and it wasn’t until after the show when the AC committee got involved that they found out that this was a one of a kind factory installed Triumph engine. In 1957 AC had been looking to replace the AC engine and wanted to try out the Triumph engine as an option.

Car SOS exhibition at the British Motor Museum:

Car SOS took their show on the road at the British Motor Museum. The exhibition includes a pre-war Austin 'Tilly' truck which underwent a sympathetic overhaul, a vibrant yellow Lancia Delta Intergrale with a touching back story and rare AC Aceca sports car along with four others - an MGA, Volvo P1800, Aston Martin DB6 and a Ford Capri 3100.
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