Author Topic: Frazer Nash owner threatenis to adopt a 1937 16/80 AC cat's-paw engine  (Read 209 times)


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Unless some kind AC soul with e.g. an engineless PVT chassis is interested in perhaps swapping projects?
I'd be just as keen on a 2-seater dhc or even a saloon needing a rebuild..

This 16/80 engine was originally fitted in a 1937 drophead; a recent owner rather rashly swapped for a port-war AC engine and left the old one behind for scrap  :'(

1935 Frazer Nash comprises 100% of the factory-original Colmore body, timber frame restored, panels ready for replacing, plus enough chassis bits with an end in sight.  Thinking 2-litre BMW326 engine to form a visually-authentic shaft-drive HRG-type version, Colmore 11 with real rear seats for 2 tiny kids.   328 super-sports engine is optionally available, affordably in bits, in Germany.

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