Author Topic: Computer Aided Designs for a Mk II AC 428 ?  (Read 1170 times)


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Computer Aided Designs for a Mk II AC 428 ?
« on: February 03, 2008, 20:39:13 »
As there's still a few more nailbiting days to go before the C and SC Feb issue on the 428 hits the stands, I found this interesting website (URL below) about all the very latest Computer Aided Car Design techniques.
Although design studios may now have large CAD walls to visualise developing vehicles, it is also possible to work on the design of a car from a single PC.[/quote]
   Unfortunately whilst I'd dearly love to have a go and design my very own brand new retro Mk II AC 428, not only is the whole thing wildly incomprehensible but I daresay using Windows '98 might just prove a trifle optimistic.
   Bearing in mind there's already been a lot of interesting and detailed discussion on the topic, and on the offchance there's a keen 428 fan and design expert out there, ideally already familiar with it all and willing to give it a go, I honestly think that it could turn out to be a very interesting and rewarding exercise for everyone on the Forum in the long term.  [8D]
   Anyone interested.... ?   [;)]