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BEX278 for sale
« on: October 10, 2007, 23:16:06 »
Now Fantasy Junction also offers BEX278 (see also topic BEX426 for sale).
   When compared to the massive asking price of BEX426 the price of this restored car seems ALMOST reasonable [;)] $ 265,000.
   Again in this case the engine number is not original being 652 instead of 608 but block and head match and of course it's still a 100D. According to the register it belonged to Aceca BEX614 before.
   On a personal note, it's very close to my own car's 650. BEX426 has 647 on the tappet cover plate so is also close but don't know if it's also on the block (no pic). The head is 733 whereas the original was 787 as already stated.