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Many owners of the AC 3000ME will be aware of the efforts by the AC Owners' Club Council to ensure the continuing availability of spare new gears of an assured quality.
The Council have agreed that Thames Ditton Spares Ltd will sponsor and finance the manufacture of 10 pairs of the gearbox input shaft and gear, and the corresponding layshaft gear. This is the minimum economic order.
The input shaft and gears will be manufactured by Hewland Engineering Ltd. Hewland made the original AC 3000ME gear sets, and also two successful batches of final drive and 5th gear spares in 2007 and 2014. Hewland still hold the original AC design and Hewland manufacturing drawings. The materials and specifications will be as close as possible to the 1970s originals, whilst utilising Hewland’s current equivalent high-quality material and latest manufacturing processes. Manufacturing processes, heat treatment and quality control will benefit greatly from the considerable advances in Hewland's technology since the mid-1970s.
The Offer
Input shaft and layshaft gear pairs will be priced as follows for orders confirmed by 21st February 2018.
i)   To ACOC Members - £1,650 per pair including VAT @ 20%;
ii)   To non-ACOC Members -   £2,000 per pair including VAT @20%;
iii)   Deposit - £500 per pair with order;
For ACOC Members, the above pricing is at cost.
Any gears not 'pre-sold’ in this way will be held in stock by Thames Ditton Spares Ltd and sold with a mark-up of approx 20% on the above prices.  There will be an additional charge at cost for postage and packaging, to be included in your final invoice. This will be issued when the gears are ready for delivery, currently expected to be end August 2018.
Noting the use of modern equivalent materials and latest production methods, the finished gear pairs will conform with AC and Hewland original drawings in respect of materials, dimensions, tolerances and heat treatment.  Neither Hewland Engineering Ltd, Thames Ditton Spares Ltd, or ACOC, can accept responsibility for any other aspect, either direct or consequential. This is a condition of sale, the acceptance of which is implied in the placing of an order.
 If you wish to take up this offer please forward a deposit of £500 per gear pair ordered, by cheque payable to Thames Ditton Spares Ltd, and your ACOC Membership number, to John Spencer, ‘Lindisfarne’, Upton Scudamore, WARMINSTER Wiltshire BA12 0AQ.
This offer is open until 21st February 2018.
John Spencer
For Thames Ditton Spares Ltd