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Engines out
« on: July 05, 2017, 22:09:09 »
I have just embarked on the rebuild of my engine. The car it comes from is a 1935 16/66 DHC which stood for more than 30 years in a garage (not a barn) I had the motor running initially before removing to see if I could ascertain what was in store. It looked promising and so was thinking it would be straight forward. There was however evidence of frost damage being repaired many years previously but it looked like a really good repair and the fact that the engine held water and the oil did not emulsify looked encouraging.
   Sad to say it is a bag of nails that needs total rebuild, water jacket, white metal bearings, liners, pistons, crank, cam, valves, the lot are all useless. I now see why it was put in the garage and left.
   Needless to say I am now a little deflated and dreading the expenses to be had.
   Wish me luck Gents and spare a thought if you have any parts that you want to of load for next to nothing so another PVT can be seen again in a few years time.
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