Author Topic: Cobra Film Show, next Tuesday eve, nr High Wycombe  (Read 1124 times)

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Cobra Film Show, next Tuesday eve, nr High Wycombe
« on: February 02, 2017, 19:12:53 »
As many of you may know, apart from being a fairly recent Mk IV owner, I'm also active in the Historic Rally Car Register and run a meeting group on the first Tuesday of the Month at The Gate, nr. High Wycombe.
   Next meeting we are showing Robbie Coltrane's fabulous documentary 'The Ferrari Cobra Wars'. An unmissable film for any Cobra owner. All ACOC members are welcome and there will be no admission charge. Just a great evening with like minded enthusiasts.
   Hope to meet some of you there and below is the programme in detail.
   Regards Mike Spindle
   Berks, Bucks and Oxon Historic Rally Car Register meeting
    Tuesday 7 th February HRCR meeting at The Gate, nr. High Wycombe
   Film Show
   Caroll Shelby vs Enzo Ferrari
   AKA 'The Ferrari Cobra Wars'
   Okay guys......not quite rallying, an indulgence possibly,
   but in reality this is one of motor racings greatest David and Goliath tales.
    In the early sixties Ford USA heard that Ferrari was for sale and were more than interested. However, Il Comendatorre led them right down the (sunken) garden path, until Turin offered to subsidise Modena, which was the purpose of the ruse in the first place.
    Incensed, the suits at Ford wanted revenge, but had nothing capable of beating Ferrari on track
   With the most fortunate timing, race driver and dungaree wearing chicken farmer, Caroll Shelby appeared in Fords Detroit offices with a half baked plan, to drop their new V8, into the English AC Ace sports car. Fed up with being beaten by GM in sports car racing, Ford agreed to supply engines, in the hope that something good might come out of it.
   As most of you will know, that car became the AC Cobra.
   In reality, the ACs aerodynamics were never going to allow them get past the 170-180 mph GTOs at Le Mans. They tried and were humiliated.
   This is story about self-belief. Led 23 year old aerodynamics student Pete Brock, a group of California Hot Rodders, decided they would take on the elite of European motor racing.
   Well produced, with fantastic in depth technical interviews, race footage and soundtrack.
   Narrated with great aplomb by Robbie Coltrane, with input from Shelby's girlfriend,
   business manager and engine supplier arm twister Joan Cole.
   To quote the still lovely Ms Cole
   ‘There was nobody involved with the Cobra Daytona project,
   who wouldn't say, that this was the best of times’
   Meetings are (normally) held first Tuesday of every month at
   The Gate, Bryants Bottom Road, Great Missenden, Bucks, HP16 0JS. 8pm for 8.30.
   To keep these evenings free please come from 7 pm and
   take advantage of our hosts excellent food and beer!
   For further info contact: Mike Spindle on 01923 855891 eves/weekends
   or email: