Author Topic: Nightmare of 427 provenance  (Read 9627 times)

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Re: Nightmare of 427 provenance
« Reply #15 on: March 02, 2018, 00:34:49 »
 Don’t quite get the question. If the DVLA don’t suspect anything, the cars would get registered in the new owners names. I’d like to think of both care we’re registered in the U.K., the DVLA would have a flag system, that would highlight the duplication.
 But if the cars/owners lived in different countries, well there probably wouldn’t be any cross referencing and any problem. The DVLA isn’t Interpol.


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Re: Nightmare of 427 provenance
« Reply #16 on: March 02, 2018, 11:07:18 »
What happens if the owner of an original car and a replica with the same chassis no gets sold on ?
It all depends on circumstances.
If the original (racer) is kept mothballed whilst the (sacrificial)replica is raced, some would consider this wisdom, whilst others may cry ‘foul’. The chassis number is only a badge in this case...But without replicas, there would only be 2or 3 ‘original’ Cobras we really want that?
However; if the owner in the example above sold the replica as the original, a fraudulent act has occurred.
Or if the purchaser of both cars tried to register or use both for road use, on the same identity, that’s equally Hookey.
Not enough details for a hypothetical scenario, and if a real situation, open forum probably not the best place to discuss!

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Re: Nightmare of 427 provenance
« Reply #17 on: April 23, 2018, 13:04:57 »
Not having been on the ACOC forums for a while, I hope it's not too late to post what I believe are some salient points regarding this particular car. It must be pointed out that the so-called "original" car has what amounts to an ALLEGED chassis number of CSX 3272. When the original 3272 was badly side-swiped in the 70's, its then-owner determined that a new chassis/body would be his choice to repair it. Only a small number of people ever knew what became of the original car. As has been pointed out previously, the car being discussed here appeared as a restored Cobra bearing the chassis number CSX 3140 at a SAAC convention in California. Many years later, it was realized that the original 3140 was still out there, and the legal owner saw to it that the VIN on this car was removed. That left a clearly 60's-built 427 Cobra with no VIN. What to do? From the various known histories, a guess was made that this car must have started life as 3272. But that's as far as things went. This car, when examined back in the late 70's, bore NO identifying numbers beyond the 3140 VIN it was then claiming. Once that VIN was denied, it bore no trace of another number. If it does so today, it was added since. Hence, there is no proof that the referenced car is in fact CSX 3272. And you can't lay claim to a VIN on a hunch. Which is why we are where we are today. So please refrain from referring to this car as 3272, because that is nothing more than an educated guess as to its real identity.