Author Topic: Auxiliary Fuse Box  (Read 2096 times)


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Auxiliary Fuse Box
« on: November 18, 2016, 14:17:50 »
My radiator fan has stopped working, fan is good so is the connection to the harness which can be problematic apparently.
   If I link out the water temp sensor which has voltage too it via the ECU I still have no fan.
   I'm thinking either fuse or relay but need to get to the auxiliary fuse box to get at these, the manual states that this box is behind the centre dash but before I start ripping things apart thought it worth asking it's actual location and if any fellow owner could advise how to get at it.
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Auxiliary Fuse Box
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2016, 17:31:17 »
I have a later dashboard Ace V8 and had cause to go in and out of my centre console regularly! I have developed the following technique. 1.) Take a blunt scraper (end of plastic ruler is ideal) and gently lever out the left hand console air vent. Mine separates from the hose by a push fit male/female pipe connection (looks to be AC made i.e. aluminium with nice welding) 2.) Push the pipe back into the hole and then insert your left hand to gently ease out the right hand air vent - separate from hose by undoing jubilee clip. 3.) Insert left hand clutching stubby cross head screwdriver, through left hand vent aperture 4.) Insert right hand through right hand aperture to feel for two cross head self tappers that retain the top of the wooden section of the console. 5.) Blindly unscrew each self tapper just enough until the wooden section becomes free at the top (try not to unscrew all the way out as it will aid reassembly) 6.) Pull the console forward and lift out at the base 7.) Undo the electrical plugs for backlights and switches 8.) Unclip the heater control cables to remove the complete panel.
   I found that the fan relay and fuse are actually 'off piste' and secured in the vicinity of the auxiliary fuse box by cable ties (as are the heated screen relays). It is certainly not listed as a fuse location in the owner's handbook (although the heated screens are).
   You may find it easier to pull out the radio first and have a look behind with a torch to see if you can see the relay and flying fuse - mine is located towards the left hand side. If you can 'hook' them out with something it may be possible to probe the fuse with 'buzzer' without removing the complete console. Alternatively, I have had some success by removing the glovebox (2 screws but clearly visible this time!) and looking with a torch. Whichever method will induce some interesting (involuntary) in car yoga positions - have a mobile phone handy in case you need to be rescued!
   Not sure if this is how your car is put together but it may help!