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Re: AC Mk11 Classic - available March 2014
« Reply #210 on: March 31, 2019, 00:37:05 »
You may remember from an earlier post that the spring ends had not been ground flat (as per the drawings) and thrust washers had not been installed, instead a small stainless washer was slipped in either side.

While the diff was out replaced the spring bushes and installed thrust washers

Decided to check the rear wheel bearing adjustment, which can only be done with the drive stub axles removed. It is a rather complex arrangement whereby a retaining ring has to be removed and the bearings adjusted by a ring with a proprietary C-spanner (I had this made earlier)

Also checked for the first time the outer hub nut, was shocked to find that it was barely finger tight. As can be seen on the photo below, only several threads were engaged, the rest rusted where they have not been tightened. This could not have come undone as the threads are very tight and require a wrench to tighten them. Additionally they should have been torqued to 135nm.

Luckily the inherent design of the hub assembly holds it together, or else this could have caused a nasty incident

Not surprisingly with the play removed from the spring ends and the hub nut tightened, the car was more firm and positive, to the point where a small amount of understeer had developed. This was adjusted out by hardening the rear shocks one point

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