Author Topic: World record sale....  (Read 1318 times)


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World record sale....
« on: March 13, 2016, 21:36:01 »
BEX 1054 sold at RM Amelia Island for....$495K USD. Amazing. To be honest, sorry to see our cars reaching these types of numbers. More people will be looking at them as investments, instead of using them as we al love to do.
Peter B.

AC Ace Bristol

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World record sale....
« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2016, 18:19:25 »
   $495,000 inclusive of all fees. Does seem expensive....
   There again, The general rule of thumb has until last 6 or 7 years been that a road going 260/289 Cobra was twice the value of a good road going Ace Bristol.
   Obviously Cobras and Aces with racing history raise the bar accordingly.
   Hand built cars like the Ace Bristol are seriously undervalued at present compared with some of the more exotic and even mass produced Porsche etc. and compared to COBRAS.
   Then again, if two people want the same car then prices can escalate well above the norm.........
   We are lucky to own  Genuine Aces and Cobras and give then to our kids, Irrespective of values..... Long may they be raced, thrashed, abused , used and enjoyed...[:p]
   just as they were back in the 1950s /1960s.
   You have one life, LIVE IT...
   Enjoy !!![;)]