Author Topic: 3000ME Spares at the Barn  (Read 2951 times)


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3000ME Spares at the Barn
« on: February 08, 2012, 15:49:58 »
I have just posted on the 3000ME website to ask if anyone knows about some 3000ME parts which are no longer in the Barn where the ACOC stores 3000ME and 428Frua parts. I was there last weekend to deposit the haul of 428Frua spares which Clifford kindly brought back from Germany, and I noticed the store was looking rather bare. It appears that neither Clive nor Steve have any record of what has been taken, when, by who, or how much was paid, and to whom! If any members have picked up spares from the Barn or know about any such events, can they please let me know, so I can amend the records, and stop worrying about security. If you don't wish to reply via the Forum, please send me a Personal Message. Many thanks, Andy.