Author Topic: 1960 Ace/Aceca Rear Uprights  (Read 526 times)


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1960 Ace/Aceca Rear Uprights
« on: December 22, 2023, 00:08:38 »

I need an LR upright for my Aceca. Maybe I might need both sides. It seems when my car (AEX732) was delivered to me in February, the LR hub/upright assembly was damaged when it fell off of the truck. After 7 months in the repair shop, a short test drive revealed that the "woodruff" key had backed out and spun in the assembly. Or, it was simply not installed correctly. We are not sure. I was told it was a mess.

The entire interior was removed so that the door frame outrigger tubes could be cut out and replaced. The LHD driver's door was also damaged. The work was completed last month.

The temporary "fix" was to machine out the hub and epoxy in a new bearing. I am told that this "fix" is not uncommon and for normal driving it is sufficient.

I would rather go with the Triple M upgrade and use a new LR upright.

Where do I start to look for one?

I appreciate your help in advance.

Thank you


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Re: 1960 Ace/Aceca Rear Uprights
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2023, 13:47:48 »
Hi, some time ago I needed new uprights for my 1955 Ace, AE103. Despite a long and fruitless search I decided to have two made. This entailed having patterns made and then cast. I have sold the patterns and a pair of uprights to Charlie Gray at Brooklands Cars, Weybridge, Surrey, UK. Perhaps he may be able to help.