Author Topic: AC Frua Restoration Part 2  (Read 55141 times)

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AC Frua Restoration Part 2
« Reply #180 on: February 22, 2016, 07:14:43 »
I've watched Emmanuel's car get renewed over the years, and was gradually taken with the idea of doing a full restoration of my car. I was pretty positive my car was in very good, sound condition - but paint and putty could have been hiding some expensive surprises.
   I'm glad to say that's NOT the case with CFX29, however.
   It's really in great shape, as I had hoped!
   Surprisingly little rust or repairs, all the steel is sound!
   And Andy's factory records are clearly correct - The original paint is a nice metallic green and in remarkably good condition!
   So au revoir "resale red", and back to it's original color (most likely).
   When our two cars are done, they'll be as new! (better, really).