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Mercer Cobra
« on: May 26, 2022, 18:58:20 »
Yeah I know I am not a Cobra fan per se, but, today I found a few old copies of Automobile Quaterly from the mid 60's.

In one of them is the Mercer Cobra a rather 60's hotrod bodied Cobra using the Cobra 289 and AC chassis stretched to 108 inch. I think it is a bit cool in a Daddy Roth kinda vibe. Better than the bulgy cobra thing.

The Mercer Cobra Roadster was a one-off vehicle commissioned by the Copper Development Association from Virgil Exner’s designs in Esquire. Its design was drawn up by Virgil Exner and Virgil Exner, Jr. and was built using a Cobra chassis, number CSX2451

I would post a pic but not sure how copyright runs in the states. Did find this on the inter webby.

Does anyone know about this car, or is not Cobra enough ;D


Ps if anyone want the edition let me know. Or maybe Terry might find it useful for an Action item, I might mail him.

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