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AC International
« on: August 16, 2022, 14:28:16 »
Huge thanks and appreciation to Constant, Juergen and Ursula for organising a magnificent International event in Germany. The weather was, well, hot... but the drives, scenery, venue locations and meals were second to none. Take a big pat on the back from all of us who enjoyed so immensely. So who's next...

AC Ace Bristol

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Re: AC International
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ACOC International 2022
Have to agree,  Ursula, Juergen and Constant organised a great event that was put back from 2020 to 2021  .. then third time lucky 2022.
36  x club members from 5 countries  in AC's ranging from Rigobert & Christine's AC 16/70 , 5 x  AC Ace  & Ace Bristol's ,
i  x Aceca. Heiner Schafer's 1964 Cobra along with Arwed Otto's  1964 Cobra.  5 x Mk1V cobras  ( 3 x Lwt ,1 superblower &
1 x CRS) 2 x Greyhounds, Due to unforseen difficulties Adrians Frua 428 became a Porsche whilst Mike and Brian Booth came in their Bristol Blenhiem.

Dear old BEX333 clocked up total mileage of 1838 miles..  ..   Home to International and back to North Devon, a few new jobs were put on the to do list, The joys of owning and maintaining a  65 year old Ace Bristol.

The Nurburgring Old Timers Meeting was a great success, Unfortunately the  ACOC Laps of the main Circuit planned for 2020 & 2021 couldn't be transferred to 2022.

Ursula, Juergen , & Constant were presented with ACOC personalised engraved  wine glasses  at Saturday evenings dinner, Great to see Bertie on the first couple of days with his Ace Bristol, before shooting off to Nurburgring to carry out  scrutineering duties on  various cars, then to drive back to Bonn for dinner only to drive back to the Nurburgring....... Now wonder that Ace Bristol has clocked up over 300,000 miles in Bertie's ownership (1965 to date), Like a good worn pair of slippers

Write up and photos required by Terry for next issue of ACtion and may be Bryan can add a selection of pictures to the Club Forum.

In Good Old AC Fashion . ;)
Ursula, Juergen and Constant .. BLOODY WELL DONE  !   .  :)

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