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AC Back in the USA
« on: November 11, 2012, 09:40:10 »
Ross Henry ('riverside' on this site) posted the following on 'Club Cobra' about US sales of the new Mk11 and 378GT Zagato:
   The 378 is being handled by Hillbank in Irvine for the west coast. AC cars will be announcing distributor(s) and dealers when they have finalized their dealings with interested parties.
   As far as the mk2,goes no dealers appointed as yet , but for the first container at least, Dennis Olthoff will be the installer.
   Prices are as follows. Ltd edition $ 78500.00
   Std $74250.00
   Both FOB Olthoff Racing Mooresville N.C
   CARS ARE SHIPPED LESS MOTOR, TRANNY etc and Dennis will complete as U.S. Law requires.
   If anyone feels they have the credentials that AC would require ie financial,premises and capability to market/distribute their products you are welcome to contact me and I will put you in touch with the AC management team.As far as estimated delivery times go the orders received from China will determine that, but I do know that the factory is short of one to fill the first 40 ft container to the East coast so would guess that would prove to be a speedy delivery.

   Congratulations to Ross for his work in getting the AC marque restablished again - of course the latest version of the Mk11 is very much his baby, the 'Riverside Roadster'!
   Ross also comments on the same site:
   'With the first mk2 American order nearly ready to be shipped I am taking orders for more.'