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MKIV telescopic bumpers
« on: March 17, 2022, 18:32:17 »
Dear all,
A friend of mine who just bought an MKIV is looking for the retractable original systems  for the bumpers.
we have found the bumpers (Europaspares UK)  but they don't sell the retractable part that connects the car chassi to the bumper itself.
Does anyone have an idea where to buy them.
Many thanks in advance for your help
Many thanks
Best Regards


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Re: MKIV telescopic bumpers
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2022, 22:37:44 »
The bumpers are different between the standard MK IV and the LW version. Or the other way around between short and Lon nose versions. I have a set of original long nose bumpers and a set of LW bumpers.
The telescopic damper is off a 1980s Chevy and modified for the MK IV.
The Europaspares Bumper will be close to a LW version.

If you look from the side a long nose bumper or nudge bar it is angled to be parallel with the radiator opening.

A standard „Cobra“ bumper will not be parallel to the nose and will look awful, it will be orientated more to the vertical.

The threads on the overriders are also angled different and will not allow you to mount the complete assembly parallel.

If you buy everything made from stainless steel you can modify and weld the parts to fit and you can polish them at the end.

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