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Improved tonneau
« on: April 24, 2021, 19:11:04 »
Success! A fine spring day in England and perfect conditions to properly test the new improved half tonneau. I like a half tonneau when driving solo. They reduce in car buffeting and make it much quicker to cover up the car when parked. Trouble is, the one supplied with the Mk IV flaps like a dimented bat, even at 25mph.
 So I had a trimmer, first split the tonneau into two halves, then sew in a full length sleeve underneath, next to the zip and into this inserted a 1/4” dia rod, which protrudes at each end of the passenger half tonneau. Between the mirror base and the front scuttle is a barely visible aluminium plate with a hole in that locates the front end of the rod. At the the other end, the rod drops into a recess and simply held down with a cord. No tethers required and it barely moves, even at 70 mph.
 A simple, inexpensive and worthwhile upgrade, with no storage issues.
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