Author Topic: Accessing Auxiliary Fuse box MK1  (Read 818 times)


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Accessing Auxiliary Fuse box MK1
« on: October 06, 2020, 15:59:11 »
 I've used Aidrian's guide to access the auxiliary fuse box, via the central console, which is a very helpful
guide as to where to begin. See topic "Auxiliary Fuse box" :
I have a Mk 1 "Brooklands" and I found the procedure differs to the Mk2 as follows:

1) I removed the air vents over the central console as Aidrian advised, but my vents where just a press fit over the feeder pipe connection, no hose connection to push back.

2)  In with a boroscope, found there were no cross head self tappers. The top of the console is held by two pieces of metal with slots to slide behind the glass fiber dash.
To remove the console the panel has to be lifted out at the bottom and lowered about a centimeter then it comes out easily. But its not that easy!

3) Before lifting out the console, the radio and its holder has to be removed to get at two swivel latches fitted on either side of the console.
I discovered that this is not easy at all (took 4 hours+!), at least with the Alpine radio fitted. I could not remove the radio from its holder, so I levered down
the tines holding the frame in place using thin plastic rulers and hacksaw blades.

4) Once the radio and its holder are out of the way the swivel latches, fitted on either side of the console just below the heater controls, can easily be felt and rotated via the hole the radio leaves.
Then pull the lower part of the console towards you and downwards. This releases the console.

The aux. fuse box and relays can now be seen.

(Reason I'm digging in behind the console is a long story. I discovered that the instrument panel lights fitted were all 24V bulbs!
Since the change to 12V bulbs the ignition light is now permanently "on". Seems I'm not getting 12V at the power feed input to the alternator regulator, only 6V.
I'm still tracing the wiring at this time).

BR /Paho
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Re: Accessing Auxiliary Fuse box MK1
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2020, 13:10:07 »
Hi Paul, I feel your pain! Do you have a copy of the AC Electric wiring diagrams in dwg format? If not, I can DropBox them to you (they are 39mB) on your telia email if still live? Cheers, Adrian.


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Re: Accessing Auxiliary Fuse box MK1
« Reply #2 on: October 15, 2020, 08:59:25 »
Hi Adrian,
yes please that's very kind of you, I still have the same e-mail address. You will have to explain the Dropbox procedure.

I've discovered that the wiring behind the instrument console follows the Granada/Scorpio wiring diagram using the same colour codes, but the wiring
at the Alternator end is Mustang '95 using Mustang colour codes. I suspect the two have been spliced together somehow with the Sigma alarm probably
involved too. Someone has been there before me as some of the wires have been spliced, one of which is the battery supply to the instrument cluster (Black/Yellow)
The ignition lamp does dim now the battery is charged, but is not competely off. I'm wondering if the 500 ohm resistor show wired in parallel with
the ignition lamp on the Mustang diagram is needed? It is missing on my car.
BR /Paho

P.S. I think I need to start another thread if I find any solution as this was not the subject of this post