Author Topic: AC3000ME - Manufacture of New Chain Wheels/Chain  (Read 3638 times)


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AC3000ME - Manufacture of New Chain Wheels/Chain
« on: June 22, 2009, 21:05:27 »
An Announcement by Acedes Spares Ltd
   Many owners will be aware of the shortage of AC 3000ME chain-wheel spares.
   The original Thames Ditton design incorporated a Renold triplex chain of 7/16inch pitch with corresponding chain-wheels.  Following the worldwide demise of this size of chain, AC Cars (when at Brooklands) re-engineered the drive to incorporate a 3/8inch pitch triplex chain and chain-wheels. When fitted as a set these are fully interchangeable with the original Renold equipment. About 20 sets were made, and these have been in service for some years without known problem.
   With no spares now available, Acedes Spares Ltd have agreed to sponsor and finance the manufacture of 12 pairs of chain-wheels, and the purchase of 3/8inch pitch triplex chains.  In order to assure the quality of these components the chain-wheels will be manufactured by HE Services, who made the 20 sets for AC Cars. The chains will be purchased from Mr Brian Eacott, whose stock originates from AC Cars.
   The Offer
   These new items will be available as sets, that is two chain-wheels and one chain. The ex-stock price is £390 per set, inc of VAT @15%.  There will be an additional charge at cost for postage and packaging, to be included with the final invoice. This will be issued when the items are ready for delivery, currently expected to be end July.
   A discount is available to those members of the AC Owners’ Club who place an order before end June 2009. Details are in the May ACtion.
   In the event of orders exceeding demand, preference will be given to ACOC members on a ‘first come first served’ basis.
   HE Services and Acedes Spares guarantee that every effort has been made to conform with AC's revised design and the chain manufacturers’ requirements in respect of materials, dimensions/tolerances and heat treatment. Neither HE Services, Acedes Spares Ltd, or ACOC, can accept responsibility for any other aspect, either direct or consequential. This is a condition of sale to end users, the acceptance of which is implied in the placing of an order.
   If you wish to take up this offer please forward a deposit of £100 per set, by cheque payable to Acedes Spares Ltd, and your ACOC Membership number, to Mr Ian Winter, ‘Darr-Nisse’, Hawley Road, HAWLEY, Kent DA2 7RB