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Dear all,

Any possible clue on how to fix the broken bulb holder?
Sorry to say my skills as an electrician do not go as far as I would like...
AC Weller Engine / Spark plugs
« Last post by mmouss on Today at 12:56:49 »
Hello, I thank you for admission on this interesting forum. :)

I recently bought a 1936 AC 16/80 and am wondering if the sparks plugs fitted are the correct type.
Those are NGKs B6HS and tend to get wet quite often.

I think of fitting slightly hotter ones like NGKs B5HS or equivalent Champions L86C but would of course avoid the risk of damaging pistons…

Can someone give me an advise about this please?
I wouldn't start tearing the engine apart for high CO emissions.  The engine is running rich.  Double pumpers are not noted as emissions friendly carbs.  I would really have a good look at that and lean it out.  I would also check out the complete ignition system and timing.

One of my friends had a hell of a time getting his completely stock MkIV (no double pumper) to pass California emissions.  I'll ask him what he had to go through.
Good luck
Danville, California
Thats a shame - it would have been an easy fix !!
Yes, completely fresh 99 octane fuel.
Has your car got fresh fuel in the tank or have you just got the remains of what was left in it before you parked it up over winter ?
Vintage, PVT & 2 Litre Forum / Re: Audley End on Sunday
« Last post by administrator on June 15, 2019, 08:42:47 »
I don't know numbers but hoping for a good turnout - I'll be there.

I bet the key gets hot. Is your distributor loose? Maybe the timing is retarded, excuse me, handicapped.
Hi, I'm not sure if anyone will be able to help, but all comments/suggestions gratefully received.
I'm also not particularly mechanically experienced so do bear with the description etc.
I have two concurrent problems with my MK IV (AK1259), whether they are related in any way, I'm not sure.

The car failed its recent MoT on CO output. I've had it to my local engine specialist to have the carb (4 barrel Holley 650 double pumper) cleaned / adjusted which is something it seems to need every couple of years. I understand this is due to the additives in higher octane fuels and the car getting very little use over the winter months. I've noticed over recent runs that the engine note is rather 'woofley' when cruising along in higher gears, in contrast to the previous 'bark' under acceleration.
On the rolling road we found output peaked at about 240bhp some 130/140 bhp less than peak achieved a few years ago and very unresponsive beyond about 3800/4000rpm.
Compression and leak down test of all 8 cylinders was good and within expected parameters.  Plugs were okay. Slight oil leak from the rear of one of the rocker covers noted. The engine runs quietly with nothing giving concern in terms of 'noise'. This is also confirmed by microphone / headphone examination with the engine running at load.  Engine man suggests this means it's unlikely to be a problem with cam lobes. Exhaust manifold downpipes not up to expected temperatures on a laser thermometer. Exhaust tested and no surprises there.

We've also discovered some issues with the wiring. This is causing concern with fuse holders melting and far too much current (17 Amps ?) on ignition circuit. Seems that it's wired through the ignition key and not routed through a relay.

Likely next steps will involve inlet manifold removal to inspect rockers / internals and possible partial re-wire.  All sounding reassuringly expensive ! 

Has anyone experienced similar problems ?
The AKL 1353 is a well known car restored to a very high standard by Dragon Wheels - Alan Faulkner Stevens - ex MKIV registrar.  I think was sold just before I started my search.  However, if anyone has it for sale then please get in touch.

Post comment update: I've spoken to the dealer in the advert on Pistonheads re AKL1353.  It didn't sell so the owner ended up part exchanging it against something else.  He's not sure where the car ended up but it would be good to find it.
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