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Ace, Aceca & Greyhound Forum / Re: Ace Overriders
« Last post by B.P.Bird on December 14, 2018, 19:26:58 »
Well that picture was certainly worth a word or two - there has been a flurry of orders and the batch is now oversold. Consideration now being given to a last minute increase in order size. This really is the last chance: There are up to 99 Aces and Acecas which used these unique pattern overriders, survival rate being high, and we have only equipped some 15 of them. That could mean that 84 cars have retained their overriders - seems unlikely. So if any cars out there,needing overriders, are not yet on the list now is the time to make contact
ACOC News and Events / Re: What's New
« Last post by administrator on December 14, 2018, 19:03:30 »
14 December 2018

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Small Ads updated
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Vintage, PVT & 2 Litre Forum / Re: Vintage AC Six for sale
« Last post by galfredus on December 14, 2018, 17:05:48 »
That's all very interesting - thanks!  I have lots of correspondence and invoices from the Quick era.

Thanks for clarifying re the S F Edge Specials.  Where does one find this stuff out?  I've bought a few books about ACs recently, but the detail on the Vintage models always seems rather scant.

I don't yet know the state of the back axle, since the car was not running when I bought it.  The best I could do was check engagement of the gears and feel for backlash - which is prodigious by Austin Seven standards, but I understand this is to be expected with a transaxle with wormdrive.

I've read about the strengthening that can be carried out to the aluminium diff carrier and will plan to do that if it hasn't already been done.

For a 2 litre car on 19" wheels I thought 5:1 sounded a bit low (even an A7 managed a 4.9:1 axle at that time!).  Happy to note that is not the case.  However, it is my intention to use the car for touring, possibly continental, and longer legs for the main roads would be handy.

Do you know if anyone has tried fitting an overdrive?  The bit of open shaft between the clutch and the torque tube looks a convenient spot; but, of course, it's in front of the gearbox which would be a little unorthodox and might make gearchanging interesting.  Any thoughts?  Alternatively I might look at changing the final drive.  But in the immediate term I just want to get it on the road as it is and reassess on the road.

That old photograph is great.  I have a hat just like that...  Interestingly I think I can make out a temp gauge on the radiator.  The dashboard on my car is painted black and has a full set of Smiths dials, all matching, silver backed and very similar to those I've seen on Alvises of the period. 

Both the temp gauge and the spare wheel were present when the car was last on the road (as evidenced on photographs I have found on the Web).  Neither were present or available when the car was bought by its last owner - that is all I know.  Even if I revert to a rad-mounted gauge, I'll still need something to put in the hole in the dashboard!

Thanks for confirming that coil is probably right - I will continue with the existing coil/distributor in that case.

The engine has the inverted tooth-type chain.  A lot of work has been carried out to refurbish the bottom end and I understand that a conversion to a more modern chain would require that to be un/re-done.  I'm more that happy to keep the original type chain, but would like to think, when the time comes, that I would be able to find a replacement.
Vintage, PVT & 2 Litre Forum / Re: Vintage AC Six for sale
« Last post by Old Crock on December 13, 2018, 18:21:44 »
Period photo of GC 8609, unsure of year.
Vintage, PVT & 2 Litre Forum / Re: Vintage AC Six for sale
« Last post by Old Crock on December 13, 2018, 17:50:31 »
Hi  Geoffrey

Welcome to the forum. You’re now the proud owner of a vintage AC and I'm sure you’ll be very happy with it.

I knew your car when in the ownership of Martin Quick who lived at the time in Gloucester (or was it Cheltenham?) I saw the car in the 1980’s and then again when Brooklands Motor Co was selling it a few years back. It’s in the same colour scheme now. I have a number of photos of your car – if you tell me your Email address I’ll forward them to you.

In answer to the questions you raise:

The S F Edge Special was a specific model. It was available during 1926 and 1927 only. It looked very similar to the Aceca model (like you have, but there were changes to this over the years) with longer wheelbase, different dashboard etc. Importantly, the S F Edge Special had more horsepower (56 and 66bhp offered, when 40 was standard). Options included high compression pistons, different ‘racing’ camshaft, balanced crank, three carbs. The name ‘S F Edge Special’ has since been misused on a number of vintage AC’s.

Three carbs have been fitted to a number of vintage Sixes, and was a factory option for retrofitting during the late 20’s and later. Coil ignition was on some models in 1928, all models 1929.

You say you intend to look at the back axle. Does it have problems and what are they? You ask about gear ratios. Standard, on your 1929 model, were 5:1 (top), 7.9:1 (2nd) and 14.7:1 (1st) though the factory did offer alternatives at an extra charge of £10!

As far as I know a water temp gauge was not fitted to the dashboard in production (though it was on the Magna model) An article in The Motor 1928 showed work on thermostats, cable brakes, brake compensator etc but likely these went by the wayside due to the company's financial situation.

You should find a spare wheel, as these Rubery were not specific to AC, but where has the one from the car gone? It was with it only a few years back. The timing chain is an inverted tooth and over the years they stretch. They can be restored, tiresome riveting involved, but it can be done. One vintage owner had three on the shelf when I last saw him. When vintage engines are being restored an option then is to convert from inverted tooth to a duplex chain. Which do you now have? Both are available, but the inverted is now difficult to find and likely a ‘restored’ one would certainly do. Some owners who have converted the sprocket and chain still have the original type.

Mk IV, Superblower & CRS Forum / Re: back wheel and exhaust line
« Last post by cobra06FR on December 13, 2018, 13:24:10 »
Many thanks Wescott  for your advices and pics.
Glad to see  someone had the same issue and solved it.
Also saw an advert on the net for an AC sold few years ago where the pics showed clearly that the  exhaust tubes were derivatised outside of the wheel arch completely, running under the car body and coming out at the back of the car in amore central manner.

I prefer your option and I was also considering insulation with heat protection.

Many thanks again.
Vintage, PVT & 2 Litre Forum / Re: Vintage AC Six for sale
« Last post by galfredus on December 12, 2018, 18:22:37 »

I bought this car and am now engaged in the necessary works to get it back on the road.  I would be very interested to hear from any previous owners who may be lurking on the forum.  In fact it has quite a full history file, going back to the 50s, so I know your names and where you live(d)!

One thing I would like to know is what IS an S F Edge "Special"?  It's a term I've heard from various quarters.  I think some people assume that any car built during the time When SFE owned the company outright is somehow "special"!  I think it's plenty special enough without any such designation.

The three carbs are not original - the file contains the invoice for their purchase in the 50s.  The engine has been supplied with coil ignition rather than magneto - but I guess that may have been becoming the norm by 1929?  I think I read somewhere that coil became standard for the Magna the following year.

I've put the engine in the hands of a professional.  I might trust myself to put the engine together on an Austin Seven, but the stakes feel rather higher with an AC 6!  Once that is dealt with I'll turn my attention to the back axle. Does anyone have a view on back axle ratios?  The buff form states 5:1, which seems a little bit low to me.

The body work and fittings are a bit battered, but can be dealt with once the car is back on the road.  The car is also missing its spare wheel (19" wire wheel, Rubery Owen centres) and the Smiths water temp gauge.  If any such are hanging around in anyone's collections, I would be glad to have the opportunity to acquire them.

Last, the timing chain has had a clean bill of health, but I'm aware that the original type are hard to find, and I would be keen to acquire one to go on the shelf for a rainy day.

I very much hope to make an appearance at the national gathering on May 19th.

All best,

Mk IV, Superblower & CRS Forum / Re: back wheel and exhaust line
« Last post by westcott on December 10, 2018, 21:02:31 »
This is my final layout using the original polished ends of the later dual exhaust.
The tubes are 3-5mm away from the inner wheel arch.
Ace 'Brooklands' Forum / Re: Wheel tracking
« Last post by David S on December 10, 2018, 15:18:02 »
thanks for all your responses, I also received e-mails from David Goose and John Able.

David stated "When I put new wheels on the Red car I had the tracking set to 0.15° toe in each side so 0.30° total this seems so suit the car with good handling and no tram lining - but as I say not sure what the design values should be."

And John confirmed he used something very similar

So will now take this information and get the wheels aligned

ACOC News and Events / Re: Silverstone Classic 2019 - dates confirmed
« Last post by David S on December 10, 2018, 15:11:37 »
Dates for Silverstone Classic 2019 have now been confirmed for the weekend of 26-28 July! The date had already been announced but remained ‘provisional’ until Formula One’s governing body, the FIA, formally ratified its 2019 calendar at yesterday’s meeting of its World Motor Sport Council in St Petersburg. This means that the Classic will take place two weeks after the British Grand Prix at Silverstone and the dates fall perfectly into the start of the school summer holiday.

 So far Silverstone Classic has announced brand new single-seater celebration as historic Formula One, Formula Two and Formula Three will all race at the Classic. Other grids confirmed include the the HGPCA (Historic Grand Prix Cars Association) for Pre-1966 Grand Prix Cars, the Royal Automobile Club Tourist Trophy for Historic Cars (pre-63 GT), Masters Endurance Legends, the Yokohama Trophy for FIA Masters Historic Sportscars and the Transatlantic Touring Car Trophy with more exciting news to follow in the new year. Full details of the on- and off-track family entertainment will be announced in the coming months!

 If you haven't got your tickets yet, with Christmas on the way and tickets still at our Super Early Bird prices there's literally no better time to buy.
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