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AGM Calling Notice

Notice is hereby given that the 2024 Annual General Meeting of the AC Owners’ Club is to be held on Wednesday 29th May 2024 commencing at 13.00 hours at the Bell Hotel, Market Square, Winslow, Buckingham, MK18 3AB.

The meeting will be held physically in person, and it is hoped also to have it available on Zoom.
Please see notes below for details of how to access the on-line meeting and how to see documents.

Order of business for the meeting will be

1. Minutes of the AGM held on Wednesday 31st May 2023 and matters arising therefrom.

2. To receive and approve accounts for the Club for the year ended 31st December 2023 (see note 1).

3. To receive a report from the Chairman.

4. To elect the Directors and Council of the Club (see note 4).

5. To elect the Officers of the Club.

6. To elect the Honorary Reporting Accountant.

By order of the Honorary Secretary – Christopher Pearce 19th April 2024.

1. The accounts will be published on the ACOC website prior to the AGM and the other documents for the meeting will also be published on the website (Members' Area home page).
2. If possible, the meeting is expected to be available on Zoom. If you wish to use this facility please download the Zoom app. on your device and email the ACOC webmaster ( who will email you the necessary password.
3. In order to focus discussion and approvals at the meeting, if you have any questions arising on the agenda above or from the papers on the website please email the Hon. Secretary ( ) who will arrange for a response from the relevant Officer of the Club. Your enquiry and the response will also be posted on the website prior to the meeting to enable other members to see these.
4. Any member intending to offer themselves newly for election to be a Director of the Club or to the Council must submit notice in writing, signed by themselves and their proposers, to be received by the Hon. Secretary not less than four days nor more than twenty-eight days before the date of the meeting.
5. The criteria for selecting Hon Members is currently under review. For 2024, the selection of new Hon Members is suspended until this review is complete. The current list remains extant.
6. Any member entitled to attend and vote at the AGM may appoint a proxy to vote on his or her behalf. Any member wishing to appoint a proxy should contact the Hon. Secretary by telephone (01732 810384) or email ( to obtain a copy of the relevant form or submit their own form strictly in the format specified in paras. 30-33 of the Articles.
Vintage, PVT & 2 Litre Forum / Re: lucas solenoid ST210
« Last post by wirewheels57 on April 18, 2024, 19:48:56 »
Thanks for the advice all noted , I have contemplated fitting a modern or even a classic solenoid as you have described but I would really like to keep the originality of a pre war solenoid . I'm sure in the end I will be buying a modern but I have not reached that stage yet . Steve hall has been most helpful in suggesting a few ways to get my original working properly again but my current solenoid is sealed which makes any service impossible unless I open it up and risk ruining it completely . Any suggestions very welcome .
Vintage, PVT & 2 Litre Forum / Re: Forgotten Vintage
« Last post by Old Crock on April 18, 2024, 18:12:01 »
Yes, it is really odd.

I remember this car being on Ebay in 2016. Apparently, some years earlier the chassis, with transaxle, was removed from under wrecks in a scrapyard. The new owner, working in the restoration business, started to build a body from drawings but stopped due to ill-health. The engine was not AC, it was from a Nissan, and there are many other things not right e.g. wheels, dashboard, electrics, steering wheel. The body is wrong in places e.g. windscreen design but there was, at the time, the possibility of either having a usable car or restoring this to being more original. I don't believe it had a V5, so chassis number would have been important for the DVLA.

First couple of photos, below, taken from the video and third photo the car as advertised in 2016.
Vintage, PVT & 2 Litre Forum / Forgotten Vintage
« Last post by Jam2 on April 18, 2024, 15:14:55 »
There appears to be a vintage AC at about 29:20 in this video, although the wheels and body do look rather odd!
3000ME Forum / ME 3000 found
« Last post by Jam2 on April 18, 2024, 10:28:15 »
While searching for something completely different I came across this you tube video.
The commentary is truly awful, but scroll through to 29:40 for the car.  I think the video must be a few years old.
Vintage, PVT & 2 Litre Forum / Re: lucas solenoid ST210
« Last post by administrator on April 18, 2024, 08:55:35 »
Try contacting Steve Hall, Spares Co-ordinator - details in ACtion.
Vintage, PVT & 2 Litre Forum / Re: lucas solenoid ST210
« Last post by Big col on April 17, 2024, 21:27:33 »
Hello 57,
Sorry I don’t have one. Can I warn you to be careful of any new Lucas parts that come in the green and white boxes. There is a lot of rubbish out there posing as original stuff. I am not saying it is all bad. Try to get things from a reputable supplier. I have even been the victim of new crap being put in an old fashioned box and been sold as new old stock.
I did however replace a solenoid with one from Holden Vintage spares. It is not original pattern but it has put me on until I get round to sorting things out. The one I got has a push button on the end. Just don't push the button with the ignition on and the car in gear.

Vintage, PVT & 2 Litre Forum / lucas solenoid ST210
« Last post by wirewheels57 on April 17, 2024, 18:34:47 »
Hoping someone can point me in the right direction for a pre war solenoid , mine is currently clicking and not engaging , as its sealed this is a real problem that could jeopardise my visit to the national day in my 16/80!!
Vintage, PVT & 2 Litre Forum / Re: At auction
« Last post by paho on April 16, 2024, 13:51:18 »
Your welcome!
Just to complete the discussion, info to other members that might want to know how the mail feature is set up:
From the forum main menu, select "My Messages" , you end up in the "Inbox" display
Then select "Preferences" by holding the mouse cursor over Preferences
and then select "Change Settings" from the pop-up menu displayed.
There are a selection of options you can set/select from the page displayed, the most significant are:
"Notify by e-mail when you receive a personal message", this will send a notification to the e-mail address
you have in your forum profil. The system does not forward messages as far as I know.
"Receive personal messages from: All members etc (there are four options to select from)

I don't know if forwarding a message works to an external e-mail address but I haven't needed to do so as yet.......

If you need a full user description, select Help from the main menu and then select the Personal messages Topic link

The gearstick is different as the ACE had a much shorter stick to clear the dashboard.
The other difference is the actual gear stick turret. On the ACE box is is much shorter than the 2 litre version.
Again, this was to help clearance on the gearbox tunnel. It is also the same as on the Morgan boxes.
Billy Berringer of Morgan fame produced some DRIVELINE versions as I recall.
The Clutch Pedal on a 2 litre joins directly to the cross shaft whereas the ACE is an hydraulic affair.
To use a 2 litre box you have to jig the shaft around a little and get a slave cylinder stay bar.
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