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Ace 'Brooklands' Forum / Back on the road
« Last post by Shamea2 on August 18, 2019, 11:51:51 »
Its been a slightly disappointing six months.

Hopefully all sorted now.

New rear shocks and springs
Bespoke radiator fitted.
New alarm and immobiliser
Electrical fault caused by a loose earth wire..........days of my life I will never get back  :)

All part of the fun though.


Mk IV, Superblower, CRS and other Continuation Cars Forum / Koni shocks for MKIV
« Last post by lonzo on August 17, 2019, 16:38:25 »
Has anyone replaced the shock absorbers on their MKIV with Konis? Do you know the Koni part nos? Where did you get them, from a distributor or directly from Koni? Can I get them with springs?
Vintage, PVT & 2 Litre Forum / The Ol Girl's progress
« Last post by GSouthee on August 16, 2019, 17:26:43 »
Just an update on the ol' girls progress.

Rear air shocks fitted in place of the old lever arm shocks.

Sort a pair of rear wheels from the good ol' US of A 6.5 inch 16's now fitted wth 205/80 radials, original front 16 inch rims fitted with 175/80 radials.

Converted front brakes to later 2 cylinder  drums.

All wings now resprayed in Granite Grey by a firm in Rye Sussex. Bottom half of car spayed by me also in Granite Grey.

Top half, boot, bonnet, nose etc all being sprayed in original light green specially mixed for me in cellulose.

Triumph TR6 radiator and 16 inch electric fan fitted.

Just got fit wings and re fit all the bits and bobs.

All while now taking out 140 foot of hedge and putting in a fence, getting a new puppy and keeping out of the wife's way in case she finds me something else to do.

Will have her at the Sprint.


Oh forgot

fitted new kingpins to front axle.

Cut boot floor out over spare wheel well so now bigger boot, new tyres wont fit in it anyway.

Moved Battery to spare wheel well, always seemed daft that the battery sat on the top of the bulkhead.

Now where is my shovel another fence post to fit.

My 1985 MKIV also has Spax dampers and I can confirm you have the correct part numbers.
Just a thought - have you checked the clerance from the ground to the underside of the forward ends of the chassis tubes?  If they are equal the problem is more likely to be related to body mounting or wheel-arch shape.
Lonzo ,
Has the car been jacked up at all as the split lock collets that hold the spring to the shock can become unseated if the spring is set loosely. Might be worth checking , but as Barrie suggests you will have to start at the front , tyres off and start comparing each side/working out firstly why one side is higher than  the other.

I have checked with Spax and they say the shocks I received are the correct ones for my AC. I couldn't remember if they came with springs or not.  According to Spax the new shocks did not come with new springs. This means we put the old springs on the new shocks. What I can't understand is why the car now sits higher with the original springs and new shocks.  The gap between the tire and the fender is approx. 2" on the rear and left corner but is approx. 3 1/2" on the right front even though the adjustment rings are all the way to the bottom on all.
General Forum / Re: Cobras at Prescott
« Last post by on August 14, 2019, 19:22:09 »
I've raced there for the last few years (sadly not in a Cobra as I still haven't found a lightweight) and it's a great "end of term" event with a fun atmosphere.  Prescott is a very nice venue too having had some considerable investment in recent years.  Highly recommended.
I wonder if the 'high' corner damper is faulty, or in some way mismatched and is holding the suspension up ? Perhaps you should take both front spring/damper units off and compare them. Important: Do not muddle them up. First compare the complete assemblies, then demount the springs and compare the damper stroke from full extension to full compression. Check the part numbers match. Compare the springs for damage, height, turns and wire diameter. Compare the spring perches. If you find the answer that's fine, if not reinstall everything back on the car, but reversing the original position side to side. Now see which corner is high. If it is now the other side the fault is with that spring, or damper. If the high corner remains on the original side it may be a rear spring or damper which is hiding the problem. Possibly, although less likely, is there incorrect assembly or damage on the chassis or suspension ?
As you say all four corners are now higher I would suspect that the dampers have longer lengths of 'buffer' rubbers at the end of the compression stroke. If you have the old dampers that would be another useful comparison, you can see the buffers at the top of the damper on the piston rod. Have you asked Spax for details of what they have sent you, it might be that they have got it wrong, do you know how those part numbers were generated ? They are not the numbers they list for a Cobra, possibly they are a custom specification to suit the coil spring chassis ?
Last unlikely possibilities: have you got three rear dampers and one front or three fronts and one rear, or a front and a rear on each axle ? Clutching at straws here.....
My car is LHD and has 16" wheels.  I bought it new in 1985 and it came with Spax shocks from the factory. I replaced the shocks with new Spax units since the old ones were leaking. After several attempts by the garage which originally installed the replacement shocks the ride height with or without a driver is visibly much higher at the right wheel. I checked with Spax and found out the replacement shocks did not come with new springs which means I still have the original springs on my car. All four shocks are adjusted as low as the adjustment ring will go.  LC
ACOC News and Events / Re: AC International 2020
« Last post by MkIV Lux on August 12, 2019, 10:10:32 »
If you intend to join in on Day 0 and book the Mariott in Cologne (night of 4th of August 2020), please proceed as follows, to avoid unnecessary frustrations in the booking process (Mariott is a global operator and you risk to be sent around the world to Service Center operators who do not understand what you want to book for):

- call Mariott at Cologne +49221942220 
- select your language option
- select option 3 (=> this brings you to the local operator)
- insist to be connected to the inhouse local reservation team; only they know about this arrangement and are currently in position to take your reservation;
- ask for reservation team in house for booking a room for the 4th of August 2020,  under reference ACOC 2020).
- give them your personal data including e-mail address, for them then to send you a reservation form.

In case you are nevertheless unsuccessful to get what you want, simply send your request by email to Ursula at and she will be making the reservation for you. You should then be contacted by the Mariott with their reservation form to be filled.

Hope this is of help.
Constant, Ursula & J├╝rgen
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