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 Bear in mind that the later aluminium bodied Mk IVs were made by AC Cars and beautifully built. That is Autokraft owned AC Cars as opposed to building them under license. They were sold as new cars and there is not likely to be any future challenges to their status. There are around 11, Mk IV 427’s and one of those over a continuation, were one available, might be preferable for some.
 You have to have certain make up to be a long term 427 owner and very few have that DNA. That’s important as the cars are near impossible to sell privately, or p/ex for anything like what you paid. The cars with original iron engines are very front heavy and Shelby himself called it ‘The Turd’ and stated it needed a aluminium block. That wasn’t available in the mid sixties, so development ended fast.
 Anything over 400 bhp is very hard to hook up (drive fast) with anything approaching the security of modern performance cars. Some find the scare factor part of the excitement, others soon realise they can’t live with the unpredictability and quite frankly, danger.
 The base Mk IV is unlikely to frighten you at all and the so called Lightweight is a good compromise. But for some, they need the thrill of attempting to master the spellbinding big block 427. Lewis Hamilton owns two 427s and I’m pretty sure Michael Schumacher bought one upon his original retirement.
 The most coveted big block engine is the 427 side oiler, not the 427 top oiler, nor the much less powerful 428. Make sure you are buying what the description says you are.
 But really you need to be sure you are one of the few that will love the monster 427, long term.


Cobra (Thames Ditton) Forum / Re: Tour Auto 2019
« on: May 10, 2019, 21:14:02 »
No but they were one of several to hit the barrier on one of the special stage hairpins.

Fantastic work and sounds / looks great.  What are the detailed spec of the engine and trans?  Who supplied?

Well done and all the best.


It’s an original 427FE with OE spec bore and stroke, which meant a special built billet steel crank as most in the US want the 482 unit. Built by the master, Barry Rabotnic in Michigan, it features Survival heads and and all Aluminum Robert Pond block. Just over 500 ft/lbs and same power wise. Trans TKO 600 with 0.82 5th. This trans is basically the original Toploader with a 5th gear. It passed the MoT Saturday so will be on the road shortly. Just a few bugs to sort out, interior trim etc and it will be on the road, with a particularly appropriate registration no that has never been issued before. Looking forward to a very special summer !!!

I have AK 1500 1993. Front pads I have here are PAGID (Germany) T0494. I bought them in the UK from Euro Car Parts. I'm sure I have the rear number somewhere.

It’s a Salisbury 3.54 with LSD, but by all accounts will need to be changed to 3.31. But as it’s already in place, might as well make up my own mind. Hopefully start up tmrw!

Finally, the all stainless headers, 24" mufflers and undercar exhaust system are complete. Thanks to meticulous planning, the original ground clearance has been maintained and there is ample room between the header and the footbox for air flow and heat shielding, despite 1 7/8" primaries, 2 1/2" system. In a RHD car, the motor offset reduces the drivers footwell width by a full 1", compared to LHD, so you need to get your comprises right. Simpson Race Exhausts, here in the UK made light work of the installation and I particularly like the elegant and compact, one bolt jointing system used. Thanks to this the headers can be removed in situ, without removing the steering. Hopefully first fire up, the weekend after this.
Attached Images

The main supplier in the U.K. for cables is Speedy Cables and your gauges are manufactured by Caerbont Automotive. Both the companies are on the same site and offer a mail order repair service. Before you do that though, thoroughly check the cable, that’s it’s not broken and that both ends  rotate when you drive. If you have a right angle bevel drive coming out of the gearbox, they often fail. Speedo’s are quite reliable.

According to the DVLA, the Cobra name, nor Mk IV, not Cobra Mk IV was never registered with the SMMT (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) as model designation, by AC Cars with regard to cars produced when Autokraft owned the AC name. Autokraft, marketed the car as the Mk IV but never registered it officially, possibly because they believed they would eventually acquire the Cobra name. In UK registration documents the Mk IV as we know it is listed as AC under manufacturer, but with model left completely. Despite letters from club registrar etc they wont change that, although they bizarrely will agree to change the manufacturer to AC Mk IV. Its best to leave the log book, as AC, as when the car was new IMO.

Off course you must have a pedal stop on the accelerator. Same apllies if you use a HTOB for a clutch release, instead of a conventional fork and slave. I feel sure that most of the people who experience burst seals with HTOB’s don’t understand about setting up a clutch pedal stop. Me I’m using a conventional std Galaxie fork and slave. However it needs to be 1:1 master/slave and is consequently very heavy. If I can’t get used to it I will have to change the clutch to twin disc which is lighter, effort wise. But everything is such a mission on this car, even one that IMO is optimised!

You can see on the left in the picture the black accelerator cable. I know a lot of guys feel a need to copy exactly everything Shelby did in the ‘60’s, but I think if he had cable, that’s what he would have used. Simpler lighter, cheaper. For me it’s about the spirit, not to kid anybody it’s a car from 1965.

Tried very hard to keep the engine bay clean, to give a chance to the air to escape,

Autokraft Mk IV (Cobra) 302 to 427 downgrade 😜

 A year is a long time in politics......also it’s a long time in stupid, crazy, pointless, dinosaur engineering car projects. The first pic is 26 Dec 2017, the last day the original 302, 5L EFI engine was running and the other two, today, 19 Dec 2018. A few more connections before the monster 427, 532 bhp 7L will burst into life. I’m very pleased with my work to date and that I’ve tried to  respect the Mk IV ‘s identity. Wasn’t easy. Expect an undetectable change in the weather, around February 2019.

Recent ACs / Re: Battery replacement
« on: December 07, 2018, 00:04:50 »
Vince, you mentioned difficult restarting, presumably from hot? With an FE side oiler this is almost certainly vapour lock (fuel vaporising in the carb feed line) caused by engine bay heat. You can rectify this with a fuel return line to the tank.
Also a high compression FE needs a high torque mini starter.

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