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Hi guys,
   Re:225 bhp 302 EFI vs 340 bhp 302 carburettor

    I'm new to the club and am delighted to announce, new custodian of AK 1500. I guess I've been looking for a MK IV for the best part of 30 years and finally, finally I own one and I'm very impressed all round. It's clearly a proper car, already developed, very nicely made, well looked after and documented by the previous owner.
    It's a '93, pretty much standard on 16" rims and has the EFI motor, but with GT 40 heads. I'd like to know what difference these are supposed to make, as power is still quoted at 225 bhp on the factory data sheet. It has the later flat dash, that is not quite the Mk III retro upgrade, as it retains the Ford light cluster and (hmmm...) steering column.
    I bought the car for many reasons, but mainly as an alternative to our Austin Healey 3000 rally car, for gentler events with my wife and where something more civilised would be ideal.
    The first stop will be 15 " wheels and later on a 340bhp Ford Racing, motor upgrade. I would love to hear from anyone who performed this same upgrade or who runs a lightweight Mk IV. As fuel tank range is a vital factor on long distance rallies, I would like hear of any real world expereince, regarding how much the fuel consumption really dropped, compared to the original EFI motor?

   .....but hey man, sometimes a guy needs a bit of a challenge!

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