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General Forum / Re: Not so Speedy Cables
« on: July 27, 2020, 23:28:19 »
I’ve found Speedy Cables pretty good and if your ask them kindly, they normally do their best. I think we need to remember that we are in unprecedented times and nothing is completely satisfactory.

Beware Bob. These don’t appear a front and rear, car set. Looks like four fronts maybe, but who knows?

 As is clear from many peoples experiences, the T5, especially with upgraded internals, is good for more than the 300 bhp declared by TREMEC. If you upgrade to its successor, the TKO, it will not fit under the MkIV front bulkhead and transmission tunnel without significant modifications. Regarding, the cable clutch, if you go hydraulic, you will  obviously need a different pedal actuation, which by the sound of it, our friend Wescott has already solved.
 I’ve prepared and extensive pictorial account of the 18 months of work involved in transforming my MkIV to 427 FE. If any Mk IV owner is interested in reading it and are an ACOC number, PM me with your membership and chassis no and I will email you a copy. Please also state that you undertake not to republish the material.

331 will be a vast improvement and has a track record of happy owners. Are you keeping the T5 and cable clutch? Happy to help if you need and all my work is detailed on Facbook’s AC Cobra closed group. Good luck anyhow and keep us posted.

7 LTR resting, back home, in our Hertfordshire village, after some unmentionable antics. The big all aluminium 427 is finally rocking and rolling. What an epic piece of automotive legend and a privilege to own in this particular configuration.

Finally we’re dialled in and it was worth the agonising wait. Thanks to the lockdown, I taught myself, everything you need to know about setting the Quick Fuel carburettor, big cams and how to adjust the idle circuit. And guess what, the carb has a special setting specifically to accommodate the type of cam I have installed. So now it’s simply awesome. Everything I hoped for and can’t believe nothing more than careful calibration has turned the car into the epic machine, that at least I, expected. Can’t wait to drive it on a warm evening again!

Here is the link with the earlier system. Sound is the same, now but much less restrictive.

Tip: Video is only idle, but sounds best with headphones at max volume

I’m changing the Mk IV’s 427’s exhausts to a complete straight through system.

I’m bemused by the lengthy thread here. These sun visors are something that can easily be replicated by any professional car trimmer. Most of us have removed them as many feel they are not in keeping with the Cobra look. Personally, I think sunglasses and a baseball cap, works much better.


a) Say it was worth it to go FE?

 110%, but only with an aluminium block. It handles like with the 302, but has 2 1/2 times the output.

b) If you have to do over would you pick a small block Nascar type motor as it gives the power and bolt up to stock position?

No. I would only do that of there was no possibility of being able to do the full conversion. I mean the engine bay, footwells, interior, column, pedals, etc. This work is extensive, if you want to keep it looking stock.
 I originally was going to go 331 or 347, but felt I was selling out. I finally came  to rest with the FE and was very happy with that plan.  The Mk IV already has the 427, chassis, the 427 body and I wanted to experience the legend. Also all everyone asks apart from is it real, is is it really a 7 litre? It makes their day when I reply,  actually yes.

This is my 16” Mota Lita in my Mk IV. The steering column has been moved;2.5cm to the right, and angled 2.5 degrees.

The poor aerodynamics make the top balloon above 45mph. You will see it rise 2” clear of the hoops, but worse where the attachments are, you can see the hood trying to lif off the body, where it can damage the alloy panels. It’s also noisy with wind roar. You can reduce it by removing the side screens and rear window, where you can do 70mph just about.

 I presume you have tried Redline in the U.K. and Hawk Cars? My 3 ear phosphor bronze spinners are from Redline. They are maybe better than the nuts. I have two sets of wheels, the original Autokraft 16” and also 15” wheels from Hawk, made from the Autokraft dies, not destroyed. The spinner cone angle is correct for both.

Hey, I wasn’t alluding that Avon are in trouble. I’m saying that  if they stop making this low volume size, we won’t have a drivers tyre to pick, only a poseurs tyre like the Goodyear Billboard, that looks great, but everyone says is no comparison to the Avon. Even our American friends....

 If you convince Avon that you are a genuine Motorsport competitor, you will get a racers discount. Go through the Motorsport section, buy the tyres, have them fitted locally.  There is no other tyre, unless the weather is always warm and the road dry.
 Quite frankly Avon need our support. I they stop production, we will have to rely on tyres we can’t.

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