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Rousch do some individual filters which fit on the Borla trumpets, but I prefer the look of the wire mesh filters which will stop rocks and small animals.

There is a list of members on the AC Owners Club Forum page (click on the Members Tab), where Bob Langley is listed.

If you find his name on the list it allows you to message him directly.

Is that the end of the road with the upgrades or is there anything else on the list ?

Great job, by the way.

I have stuck with the T5, but had stronger gear sets fitted and the clutch will continue to be cable operated, but I will have a look at the FB page to understand what you have done as the cable operation does seem to be a weakness in the system.

That has been a mammoth project by the sound of it, so well done for getting it finished.

I am currently going the 331ci route with 8 port fuel injection (420bhp and 400 lbft) which has turned into a bigger project than I anticipated with upgrade of transmission, rebuild of diff, suspension and upgrade to 4 pot calliper brakes all round, 15 inch wheels.

Thats a nice looking Cobra.

Congratulations with your purchase, I hope that it will not be too long before you can enjoy it.


Thats a shame - it would have been an easy fix !!

Has your car got fresh fuel in the tank or have you just got the remains of what was left in it before you parked it up over winter ?

That looks a very nice installation - you must be pleased with that.

Is it driving as good as it looks ??

How did the start up go - are you up and running ??

That looks like a very neat installation. I hope the first start up goes OK and that you will be able to start driving it soon.

Are you having to upgrade the differential and what ratio are you going to use ??

Congratulations on getting this far with what looks like a very clean installation.

I am sure that the first drive will be a much anticipated event and I hope that the weather is good on the day when you are ready to fire it.


I don't need any of the parts, but what did you put in your CRS to replace the 302 ?

Thats a very big task you have taken on there, but you will know the car very well once you have finished.

I am sure spring and hopefully some good weather will arrive at the same time that it is finished.


How is the big block conversion going - is it running yet ?

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