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Please elaborate on the "two on left exhaust". I think i have seen in on 1985-1987 models including my MkIV. The design appealed to me from the first I saw my car set the car apart from all others. It is reminicent of earlier Aces. It helps the uninformedrealze the car something different from the kit cars at a show although I was once ask if it was a VW.

Cobra (Thames Ditton) Forum / CSX2388
« on: February 07, 2019, 02:15:19 »
I recently read the article in ACtion regarding CSX2388. I did some research and found there is a replica CSX2388 and a report the the original CSX2388 was reported destroyed in the 1970’s.

I recently engaged on the SAAC forum “Replicas & Tributes”. I found on line a 1986 press release from Ford granting the name Cobra to the MKIV. I knew it applied to the European market but had a friend post it on the Shelby forum to see what the response would be. As expected it was full of ignorance and denial. I was silent  until someone posted that the MKIV was build with Mustang components. The Shelby community position is that only a Shelby CSX is a Cobra both past and present with no consideration for COX, COB or AK’s. That the Shelby continuation cars are built by Super Performance in fiberglass and the aluminum body cars have been built by seven different manufacturers. Quality control has to be an issue. My position as well as the AC community (please correct me if I am wrong) is that it is not a Cobra if it is not an AC. It is the DNA that makes the MKIV  “The

Thank you,

General Discussion / First AC Cobras delivered to the US?
« on: February 02, 2019, 13:42:16 »
Not very long ago I received a flier regarding  a book written about the first AC Cobras delivered to the US did not go to Shelby in California but New Jersey I think. Please provide me any information and the name of the book.

Thank you,
AK 1131

Please provide a photo of the Autokraft frame.

What clear coat is used on the wheels?

 AC MKIV (AK1131). I am the second owner. The car has approximately 3840 original miles. Runs and drives like a new car. It is powered by a modified 302. Mods include 8 Stack Fuel Injection that looks like a set of Webers but with better performance, dependability and fuel economy, aluminum heads, performance cam, headers, updated ignition, billet pulley system. I have every piece of paper associated with the car including the original dealer window sticker, original Bill of Sale to the first owner that traded a Ferrari 246 Dino even for the Cobra, hand written dealer to manufacturer order sheet, MSO, manufacturer to dealer invoice, dealer odometer reading, owner's manual and more. Top, side curtains, tonneau & cover. Knock offs & hex nuts. Moto Lita steering wheel and original leather wheel. The Cobra is white with blue interior and blue stripes with black & red pinstripe which is a rare and desirable color combination. Additional photos available upon request I can assist with delivery.  $125,000, offers considered. You are welcome to have the car inspected.

View the YouTube video:

There is a low mileage Lightweight on ebay as well as an Ace modified to Cobra specs. I think there is a Greyhound on Bring a trailer.

Very attractive MKIV offered for sale at ----- -------
   The owner has done a spun a fine tale to promote the car. [8D]

There is a very clean black on black MKIV with 450 miles on Ebay

Here is my Spax shock story. My left rear shock is has a very minor leak probably do to age and lack of use (3300 original miles). I started hunting a shop in the US to replace the seal with no luck. At the same time I was trying to find another brand such Koni or Bilstein, etc. No luck. I then started searching for Spax replacements in the US. The answers I received were: no longer available, available from the UK at $461.00 each with a 10 week arrival time plus overseas shipping charge and there is on pair in stock at the Spax USA warehouse for $371.00 each plus $20.00 shipping.
   This took a lot of banging on the internet. I found a lead from a gentleman with the same delemma search for Spax shocks for his CAV GT40. He found Bill at Mustangs Plus in Stockton, California. I contacted Bill. He called me back yesterday with the good news. Bill is a real Ford Guy. Great service 1-800-999-4289 ext 8015[8D]

Here is a nice looking low mileage MKIV that appears pretty much original.
   Visit: for details.

Mk IV, Superblower, CRS and other Continuation Cars Forum / Sold AKL
« on: October 07, 2013, 17:59:24 »
The dealer would not give me an exact price but he did tell me it was over $100,000.00. I have not head back from the previous owner.

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