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General Forum / Chrome Plating Recommendation Please
« on: November 02, 2015, 11:49:56 »
Can anyone recommend a chrome plating company?  It’s the usual sort of thing, a bit of stripping of old flaking chrome and replating.

Over the winter I have a few jobs to progress on the Cobra.  One of which is having the seats partially recovered to cover up the original headrest mounting hole.
   I note that a number of owners have had this work done in the past so can I ask for your recommendations please.  I'm in Aberdeen but expect to have to send them away somewhere…but where?

   Some advice please.  I've been driving for quite a few years and at 5' 9" I'm not the tallest chap in the world but I've never needed to have the seat at its fully forward position as in my Lightweight.  I then have to slide it back to get out the door.
   So, the first question is 'Is my car normal or has the pedal box been modified for some unusually tall chap in the past?'  The answer to the above would be interesting but assuming they are all like that, is there an easy modifications or adjustment possible?  For example, is there a UK equivalent of the Olthoff Racing kit?
   Any help much appreciated.

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