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Does anybody out there have a Heater box for an ACE (any condition).  They were made originally by Delany Gallay and are of a square box type construction. I have a round type one which came out of a 2 litre saloon which I could fit but would prefer to go for the Dellany Gallay one.
   Also,  I am looking for an original Motolita wooden steering wheel and boss for an ace.  Anybody got one they are willing to part with?
   Roy Davies

Ace, Aceca & Greyhound Forum / AC Ace Lightweight Gearbox
« on: August 10, 2006, 16:52:36 »
I believe about six were fitted to the ACE and mine AE206 also has one.  Does anybody know if an overdrive unit is available for these gearboxes as, if so, I would like to fit one.  I am led to believe that the internals of the gearbox are from a Triumph TR2/TR3 which were fitted to the AC Aluminium casting.

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