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New project
Add Sunburst wheels to my MKIV
The trick will be to retain the original exhaust ......
Offset and tire size will be key
Planning Goodyear Power Cushion
Newly cast wheels


Planning to try and use n MKIII wheel on the MKIV. 
Has anyone done this without a huge amount of fuss?
Looks like the MKIV boss or hub is of smaller diameter thus no fit....
Ideas, Thoughts, input???

Mk IV, Superblower, CRS and other Continuation Cars Forum / Sun visors
« on: September 21, 2019, 00:21:23 »
 Are the sunvisors for our AC MKIV on any other vehicle ?
 I am looking for a pair and tan.


Installed my soft top, I have no owners manual to reference any details. 
Is there a max speed while driving with soft top.  I don't want to damage car or top if it cannot exceed a certain speed. 
Basically can you drive 65-70 mph without issue?

Fellow owners

Looks like I will be helping/aiding with the AC portion of the SAAC registry.
Hope to get some support from this website as I think tracking our cars are important.
Before sending information to me I will be adding a registry sheet to this forum.
Trying to keep it easy and also informational as it is all part of the process and good for our individual cars.

Registry adds value
Registry adds to the history
Registry adds records of each owner
I’ll post Registry form very soon then you can send your favorite picture and car history via email. I will add appropriate email address upon adding form!

Hey, it’s fun.
I thank you for your support before hand.

Added a little UK
Lucas sealed beam, work great


My car 1985 carburtated car
The car has 8400 miles and all stock
As I start the car and let it idle it will rapidly start to flood
What happens as a trickle effect happens allowing fuel to start dumping into the carburetor
I have rebuilt the carburetor changed all the gaskets checked visually all emissions lines
Could this be a simple omissions fix possibly pulling a vacuum from somewhere,  broken emissions valve.
Anyone else experienced this

Cobra (Thames Ditton) Forum / Koni Spring and Rear lower mount
« on: August 26, 2019, 18:55:18 »

Looking for spring clips and the lower rear mount union for the shock.

You can see in the picture what I need....  Any ideas? 

FYI Koni is a bust, no help 


I have been looking over pictures as I think my dome light is not stock.
The stock one looks like a clear marker light by Lucas, this so?


AK1085 is now in NH,USA - has some "sitting" issues but overall I love this car!
Sitting issues:
Carb rebuild and Radiator pinhole...  Easy peezy
Quality is great, rides great and look forward to more sunny days.

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