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General Forum / GoodWood Revival Tickets 2021 Friday - Saturday & Sunday
« on: September 04, 2021, 09:24:32 »
Re: GOODWOOD REVIVAL Tickets for Friday -  Saturday  & Sunday   2021

Due to change in Family circumstances I now have the following  surplus  tickets.
 3  x   Friday Tickets ..  ..      2  x  Saturday tickets   &   2  x   Sunday .
All paid for last year and carried over to this year 2021, all purchased as a GRRC Member therefor list price less 15%.
Tickets arrived last week.
Any ACOC member interested please contact me by email or my mobile. ;)

Mobile:        07809 251333

I will be at the ACOC GoodWood Sprint and the ACOC National Day , Will have tickets with me to save potential lose in
our Postal System.  :)



GoodWood Revival Tickets 2021  Friday , Saturday  & Sunday

Due to Change in family circumstances I  now have  3 surplus tickets for Friday , 2 surplus tickets for Saturday and  2  for Sunday .
All purchased last year and carried over to 2021 ,  all at GRRC member  discounted price of 15%.( arrived in post last week)
any club member interested please email interest . or contact me on mobile . ;)

I will be at the ACOC GoodWood Sprint and the ACOC National Day, will have tickets with me to save potential loss
in our postal system.

07809 251333


During January / February  BEX333 had a major Service,   Check and rebuild Gearbox, Fit new MGB Clutch Cover,  Borg & Beck  Graphite release bearing / AP centre plate,  Fit J type over drive unit,  check Differential and install  a Quaiff Limited Slip unit

Having covered just 986.5  miles  in readiness for Le Mans Classic and  another 60,000 miles of  enjoyable .. :)  AC Motoring.

On Sunday 24th July, Stuck in heavy traffic  covering 1.2 miles in 70 minutes trying to get into the Bicester Heritage /  Classic & Sports Car Show.
The Clutch Failed,  Couldn't get into  any gear,  Thank fully inside showground,  carried out obvious  visual inspection,  Clutch  Master cylinder level correct.  Pedal travel &  return all Ok. and the slave cylinder operating correctly , However  really excessive movement ( adjustment ) to engage and disengage clutch.

Sunday evening   arrived at  Tony Byford's  workshop courtesy of the RAC,  quick inspection indicated the Carbon / Graphite release bearing had broken .

Monday removed the gearbox to find the Carbon  /  Graphite had come free polished the metal cup / carrier and broken into many pieces and dust
so called Borg & Beck  Release Bearing bought by  Tony Byford in good faith was  definitely not a genuine Borg & Beck unit,  Having no casting name or part number.

I DO NOT ride the clutch and everything was set up correctly by Tony, I  can only assume the adhesive / bonding agent securing the  carbon - Graphite  into
the metal carrier had failed  and excessive heat generated by  graphite revolving against the face of the cluctch  cover  and inside the carrier caused the carbon  Graphite to break up.
Hours spent cleaning carbon - Graphite from  inside Bell housing, Flywheel , Starter Ring , Starter Bendix etc etc, fitted my old 60.000mile Borg & Beck Release bearing still has lots of  plenty of material. 
Hopefully up and running for weekend then off to Le Mans Classic 5th July.  Bloody Hell that's next week.

Has Any one else experienced this type of Failure ??   Is it Cheap inferior  3rd world copy  masquerading as Quality Borg & Beck product. .??
Suggest one always  checks for correct trade marks and casting numbers.      ...    Expensive Exercise 

Picture or two too follow. ;)



General Forum / WANTED: ACtion May 2016 Vol 42 #1
« on: April 06, 2018, 10:02:08 »

Can anyone help,  Bought some new binders and  I seem to have misplaced  or inadvertently  thrown out my copy  of
ACtion " MAY 2016" Vol 42 #1.

Have spoken to Terry Webb & Bob Langley ..  no spare copy available.  The only one missing from Vol 1 #1 to date ( Vol 43 #10)

Looooong shot ....    Also looking for some 1950s back issues The AC Owners Club "BULLETIN" . numbers  54 / 57 / 58 & 59. and any pre # 52 ... ::)

Thank you

Keith.. :)

Vol 42 #1


ACOC News and Events / ACOC Le Mans Classic 2018 6-8th July
« on: April 01, 2018, 16:43:28 »
This years ACOC Le Mans Classic  is now Closed.

We booked 2 Chateau with a max of 21 Bedrooms, these are now all reserved.  Thank you for your support, Andy & I look forward to meeting you all in  Portsmouth on 5th July.

For those who have left it late, 

We still have 5 Brittany  Ferry Tickets available, departing Portsmouth  on Thursday 5th July at  22.45 hrs and arriving in Caen on Friday  6th July at 06.45. ( with Cabin )
Returning  Caen Monday 9th July at 16.30 hrs  and arriving in Portsmouth at 21.15hrs.    ..  ..  ..  Price £393.00 fro a car with two persons.
We also have available  surplus 10  x 3 day Dunlop Grandstand / Paddock and LMC Entry  ..  ..  .. Price  £120.00 each.
You will  have to book your own accommodation...   ;)

PLEASE NOTE:  These will be held for ACOC Club members and Friends for a few weeks , if not taken we will cancel them. Brittany Ferries will then resell at £450/£500 each as crossings for this event were fully booked some 9 /10 months ago.. ;)

The Dunlop and Panorama Grandstand tickets sold out within a few weeks of release last Summer.. ???

Those interested please contact either Andy Shepherd on  07736 671289 or me on 07809 225333
Alternatively :   or 
. :)


ACOC News and Events / Surrey ACOC Christmas Dinner
« on: December 12, 2016, 18:54:23 »
   A Big Thank You to:-.
   Jacqui & Paul Eaton
   For organising the 6th ACOC Surrey Group Christmas Dinner at The Mill in Elstead.
   Well supported  with 29  Elfs [B)]  [?]  OOPpppsss sorry  members making it a great festive occasion.  Should have hit 36 ,but a great turnout all the same.  Those who couldn't make it , missed a good social event.
   The Surrey AC Group take this opportunity to wish all ACOC Members Worldwide a...  ...  ...
Merry Christmas
   and a
   Happy, Healthy and Prosperous
   New Year
   Hopefully ... [;)]..  ..Nik can post a few photos.  [?]
   Cheers for Now

General Forum / Steam Car Contacts in UK.
« on: May 30, 2016, 10:50:07 »
   Received the following request from Gregoire.  Who is one of the main contacts for all clubs registering to participate with Le Mans Classic events over the past umpteen years.
   Dear Keith,
   One question (no link with Le Mans Classic) :
   Do you have some contacts of « Steam Cars » owners in UK ?
   We will have a special class in Chantilly this year (4th September)…
   Any contact you can have would be very helpful and much appreciated.
   The entry fees is 3750€ (all inclusive: minimum **** Hotel Friday & Saturday, Gala dinner on Friday evening, lunch Saturday & Sunday in the very exclusive Cercle Arts & Elegance, Dinner on Saturday evening, inscription fees… see entry form attached).
   We also have another offer at 400€ (only for Sunday without hotel and catering except a very nice and elegant picnic hamper for two people).
   Please feel free to call me to talk about our Concours Chantilly Arts & Elegance where I personally hope to meet you.
   Kindest regards,

   Gregoire Thorel
   Relations Clubs
   Peter Auto
   103, rue Lamarck.
   75018 Paris
   Land line   +33 (0) 1 42 59 73 40
   mobile:     +33 (0) 6 10 36 32 19


   Gregoire  ....  Has helped AC Owners Club in many ways over the past few   Le Mans Classic events..[:)] Would be nice to repay him by assisting him in making contact with any Steam Car club / enthusiast in the UK..[;)].
   If any one reading this thread has any useful contacts with Steam Cars  in the UK,  please email details to Gregoire Thorel.

ACOC News and Events / LE MANS CLASSIC 2016 (July)
« on: April 03, 2016, 19:51:17 »
   LE MANS CLASSIC 2016 ( 8th/9th & 10th July )

   We still have a few spaces left for this years Le Mans Classic.

   Package includes Ferry tickets departing from Portsmouth on Thursday evening 7th July ( Cabin included ) and returning Monday evening 11th July.
   Inclusive of Chateau accommodation, 3  x day entry &paddock passes and 3 day grandstand tickets.
   Budget for two people in one car for the 5 days approx. £1000.00
   I have to have £100 deposit per person  ( Cheques payable to AC Owners Club Ltd ) and confirmation of personal details, e.g.
   Full name as per passport, date of birth and car registration number this week..... French Port Authorities have tightened Security so must urgently get details and commitment from any potential participants, or will have to cancel Ferry tickets which are now as rare as hens teeth.
   As stated in the Le Mans Classic advert which has been in the past 4 months ACtion, This is the 8th and final Le Mans Classic  that I am organising, No one has  to date volunteered to organise the 9th Le Mans Classic in 2018.
   Any one wishing to join the ACOC party and meet up with AC Members from France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and even the USA are more than welcome.[;)]
   Give me a call or send me a e-mail,  Details in  ACtion advert, Membership directory or simply respond via the forum.
   Could be the last LMC organised by AC Owners Club,   Is it one of those events on your bucket list..[?]
   Package Details regards Chateau and  Ferry Tickets will be confirmed within the next few weeks.
   The balance for the  Ferry tickets and Le Mans Classic tickets will be required this month, leaving  the chateau to be settled in Euro when at your Chateau.
   Looking forward to hearing from you.
   Cheers for Now.
   Keith Lessiter ..[:)]
   07889 298226

ACOC News and Events / 2016 ACOC Awards, Dinner & Dance
« on: September 26, 2015, 13:13:37 »
    The 2016 ACOC Awards, Dinner and Dance at The Elvetham Hotel has been booked by Andy Shepherd on  behalf of the AC Owners Club:

   Saturday February 6th 2016.
   30 rooms have been reserved for ACOC Members with the same special rates as per 2015
   Discounted rates for B&B per room are as follows:
   Superior Double Room.........£95.00 per night.
   Double Room.......................£85.00 per night.
   Single Room........................£65.00 per night.

   Please quote booking reference number  16406  AC Owners Club.
   Tel:  01252 844871


   The Elvetham Hotel
   Hartley Witney
   RG27 8AS

   Last year the rooms were fully booked early with many members seeking alternative accommodation,  Best book early as another party are using the other function room on the same evening,  Rooms are in high demand but short supply...[;)]
   Not trying to steal Andy's thunder but as this event was discussed at Thursday's Council meeting and we know demand outstrips rooms, Thought it best to post on the Forum, date already in ACOC Calendar and published in earlier issues of ACtion.

ACOC News and Events / Julie Lessiter 22/08/1964 - 18/02 2015
« on: February 25, 2015, 00:31:21 »
   <b><font size="5">Julie Lessiter 22/08/1964  -  18/02/2015</font id="size5"></b>
   It is with great sorrow that I have to announce that <b>Julie Lessiter</b> lost her fight against Cancer and passed away peacefully at 19.00hrs on Wednesday 18th February.
   The footprints Julie leaves in my heart, and the lives of family and Friends are too deep to ever fade, Wonderful Memories will live on and on..[:)]
   Julie will be greatly missed by many.
   A natural burial will take place this "Saturday 28th February" and will be a closed family affair.
   I will arrange a get together for Friends and Work colleagues  to celebrate Julies Life and pay respects <b>Time , Date and Venue to be announced  </b>..[;)]
   As many of our Friends are all together  at the ACOC Awards / Dinner & Dance this Saturday 28th February, I propose to have a minutes Ovation/Celebration and
   raise a glass to Wish Julie all the best on her new journey.
   I take this opportunity to  personally thank all those who have sent cards, emails. text and made phone calls of condolence.
   Received from Friends / ACOC members in UK, France, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg  and USA.  a great cosmopolitan group indeed.
   <b>Keith and Family</b>.

ACOC News and Events / ACOC Surrey Group XMAS Dinner
« on: December 15, 2014, 18:59:25 »
   Great to see thirty or so ACOC Club members at the Chrismas Dinner on Sunday 14th December.
   A BIG THANK YOU to Jacqui Eaton for organising the Christmas Bash not forgetting thanking Bob Langley for the personalised ACOC
   place settings and Gift boxes of ACOC Truffles for the Girls.[;)]..[;)]
   Jacqui, your organising skills and emails paid off and have been appreciated  by all throughout the year, Without which the Old Fragmented Surrey Group would
   never have reformed and gone from strength to strength..[^]..[:)]
   Let's hope The ACOC Surrey Group continues in the same vein and is enjoyed by even more club members, throughout the coming year..[;)]
Merry Christmas
   and a Very
   Happy,Healthy and Prosperous
   New Year


Ace, Aceca & Greyhound Forum / AC ACE- Changes Made during Production.
« on: February 23, 2014, 01:42:11 »
To Follow on from Wilhelm and Barry Bird's query regards the date / chassis number that AC Cars Ltd   changed the Fuel Filler Cap specification from Monza to Ceandess Lozenge shape Fuel Filler Cap.
   Thought it best to start a new thread regards some Changes made during early  production of the AC ACE.......[;)]
   AC Cars changed many items during the early production of the Ace, as a rough guide many changes seem to have occoured between AE60 and AE75 .. ..[?].
   The Fuel Filler Cap.
   Rear lights from single round to rectangular light.
   Early style of over-rider to the Standard 8/10 and Ford Style.
   The boot lock from Wilmot Breedon chrome escutcheon ( Budget Lock) to the T-handle.
   Brass Chassis Plate to Aluminium Chassis Plate.
   Long Boot to Short boot (BEX265 Long Boot /  BEX267 Short Boot..BEX266 ..[?].
   To list just a few changes..[;)]
   The only way the Ace Registrars and those restoring  early Aces can accurately record these change over dates and /or change by Chassis number is for owners to post data and pictures on this thread.
   With their knowledge and help especially if their Ace is unmolested and still believed to be wearing original fixtures and fittings, we can ammend records and restore more faithfully..[:)]
   Tim Isles the Ace Bristol Registrar has already started to compile data and would welcome new information and photgraphic evidence to assist those wishing to maintain authenticity and/or correct various changes made during earlier restoration projects when such facts were insignificant.

ACOC News and Events / ACOC International details
« on: December 29, 2013, 15:53:25 »
The ACOC 2014 International Wednesday 9th July - Sunday 13th July.
   The 2014 ACOC International takes place a few days after the Le Mans Classic  (4th,5th & 6thJuly), many  AC members who have pre-booked are staying over to join the ACOC group on the ACOC International.
   We have reserved 30 Rooms with a £200 deposit per Twin/Double room, these are liable to be taken quickly, so those wishing to join the ACOC International really need to respond quickly send £200 deposit to reserve a Room To Keith Lessiter,  Cheques made payable to AC Owners Club Ltd. We might be able to secure additional rooms but due to high demand and the forthcoming National French Holiday, rooms will be in short supply.
   For more details on both The ACOC 2014  International and the Le Mans Classic 2014.
   Please contact:-  0r tel 07889 298226

ACOC News and Events / Le Mans Classic 2014 Details
« on: December 29, 2013, 15:34:56 »

   The 2014 Le Mans Classic  (4th, 5th & 6th July)  .
   For More details and reservation of Chateau, Paddock Passes/ Grandstand Tickets and Ferry bookings, please contact :- (Deposit of £125.00 per person)
   Please note many who have prebooked are staying over for a few additional days then joining the AC members on / for  the ACOC International (Wednesday  9th July - 13th July)..
   ACOC 2014 International, details on seperate thread.
   Seperate bookings for either  event. Please contact:-   or 07889 298226
   Keith ..[;)]

Ace, Aceca & Greyhound Forum / RattleSnake Hill Climb June 2nd 1956
« on: January 04, 2013, 18:35:20 »
   Received  the following  email from Mike Martin,  have deleted some content ,  But thought those who enjoy researching Period material of AC Aces  Competing at various Race and Hill climb events in the 1950s   Would really appreciate the little Gem. of 3;29 minutes of Super 8mm colour  footage taken by Marks Dad on 2nd June 1956, copied and down loaded on youtube. (not all data here opens up but the video does)
   Martin Thank you for sharing.
   And a Bigger thank you to Mark for making his Dad's ....... Super 8mm Film available.  
   Hi Keith,
   Long time.  I wish you the best in 2013.
   I'm not sure if you belong to the Canadian Motorsport History Group, but thought I'd pass along the info below, just in case.
   My USRRC  book is in the final proof stages.  It's taking longer than I thought, but the end is in sight.
   Mike Martin
   From: [] On Behalf Of hockleyvalley
   Sent: Wednesday, January 02, 2013 4:18 AM
   Subject: [CMSHG] Re: Rattlesnake Point
   Try this:
   --- In, "hockleyvalley" <annette_f_100@...> wrote:
   > Found a treasure trove of pictures in the CNE archives, Toronto. Here is an A.C. Aceca from 1956 on the Jim Fergusson stand:
   > --- In, "Vince Howlett" <hvhdl@> wrote:
   > > Don't know if those AC's are still around. There is an AC owners register in England. Maybe they would know. Here is a link to a photo of the Polivka AC:
   > >
   > >
   > >
   > > Vince H.
    In, Tom P <racertom@> wrote:
    That is nice to see. Are those two AC's still around?
    From: annette_f_100@
    Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2012 19:07:43 +0000
    Subject: [CMSHG] Re: Rattlesnake Point
    Saturday, June 2, 1956, Results:
   > > > 1. #25 Peter Hayes, A.C. Ace, 48.47 sec
   > > > 2. #17 Don Stewart, Jaguar XK120, 49.94
   > > > 3. #8 Fred Hayes, Triumph TR3, (mod) 50.46
   > > > 4. #28 Jerry Polivka, A.C. Ace, 51.75
   > > > 5. #1 Don Clark, Cooper-J.A.P., 52.10
   > > > 6. #22 J A Pope, Porsche, 52.25
   > > > 7. #41 E B Seitz, Chevrolet Corvette, 52.37
   > > > 8. #11 Kenneth Rigg, Morgan, 52.47
   > > > 9. #40 Jim Duncan Jr., Triumph TR2, 52.61
   > > > 10. #29 Francis Binder, Porsche, 52.98
   > > > END
   > > >
   > > > RGDS RLT
    *From:* Mark <mdoust@>
    *Sent:* Sunday, December 30, 2012 1:26:04 PM
    *Subject:* [CMSHG] Rattlesnake Point:
    I took the time today and did a little work on some old super 8 movies that my dad made way back when of events in Canada and the USA
   Thank you Mark for sharing some 3:29 minutes of great colour Period (June 2nd 1956) super 8mm  material  taken by your Dad.. ..  ..[;)].[:p].
   Anorak Question..
   Can anyone ID the Chassis number of red AC Ace #25  and the White (green Stripe) AC Ace  #28..[?]
   We know the driver/s but can anyone ID the Cars..[?]. Data required by ACOC Ace Registrars, Tim Isles & Tony Bancroft.

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