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Ace 'Brooklands' Forum / Speedo removal
« on: April 11, 2014, 17:55:24 »
Has anyone had cause to remove their speedo? Looks to me it will require removing steering column and still be a struggle!!![:(]

Ace 'Brooklands' Forum / Location of ECU diagnostic plug
« on: June 27, 2013, 00:18:54 »
Does anyone know if the ECU service/diagnostic plug is readily accessible from the engine compartment or is it stowed with the ECU behind the heater/air con box. If the former, what sort of plug am I looking for?

I wish I had some bit of knowledge to share, or a stupid question to ask....
   Hey I do have one...what’s folk’s thoughts on the current trend of car show organisers to charge owners to exhibit their cars? [:(!]

Ace 'Brooklands' Forum / Any Ex AC employees out there?
« on: November 28, 2008, 23:28:22 »
Any ex AC employees out there who know the location of the various screws holding the dashboard in place?
   If I’m to ever get round to swapping from auto to manual tranny I’ve got to either raise the complete dash assembly to get at the selector mechanism or preferably remove just the centre section above the gearbox. I know the dash has two bolts either side behind the end panels, but there must be others. To date even removing the centre radio/switch panel has beaten me! (Early car with wood veneer insert  – is it glued in?)
   Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated.

General Forum / Wings & Wheels - Donations
« on: August 13, 2008, 21:37:31 »
I was very much looking forward to Wings & Wheels on 24th. Thanks in no small part to Steve Gray’s “corporate hospitality” both Brooklands Revival and W&W had become more a meeting of friends than “just another car show”. However, the imposition of the £50 “donation” (to all intents and purposes a fee, seeing as it’s no longer voluntary) will preclude me exhibiting the Brooklands Ace this time round.
   However well intended the decision (the money raised going to support various local charities), IMO the policy is misguided. The primary objective must be to create as interesting a show possible by encouraging the greatest diversity of cars for the paying public to view. Increasing revenue by charging exhibitors is short sighted and will inevitably result in declining numbers of cars on show and therefore public interest in the event.
   Some also travel considerable distance incurring sizable fuel, hotel bills etc. Is it reasonable they pay a further £50 to exhibit their car?
   By all means request a voluntary donation, but 50 quid? Sorry, but not for me this time. That said, have a great day and fingers crossed the weather is kind.

Has anyone swapped their Mk 1V clutch release cable for a hydraulic setup? I have a Tremec T56 6-speed box to replace the auto box on my Ace (Brooklands). I’ve had it more than a year and still not got round to doing the swap, but when I do would prefer hydraulic action rather than cable. However, I have no idea what master and slave cylinder sizes to use to get sufficient clutch travel with the lightest possible pedal. Any suggestions as to sizes and possible make/model vehicle to source the parts from?
   Many thanks,

General Forum / Wings & Wheels
« on: August 28, 2007, 00:31:36 »
On behalf of all who attended the Show on Sunday I would like to extend a hearty vote of thanks to Steve and his family for doing us proud providing refreshments throughout the long hot day (yes, the weather was good [8D]). We are lucky to have in Steve someone willing to go to the time, trouble and EXPENSE of providing these niceties, and for generally being on hand to smooth things along. I, for one, appreciate his efforts.
   Thanks, Steve, for a very enjoyable day.

General Forum / Brookland Ace for Sale (Reg V1RSJ)
« on: August 05, 2007, 01:42:54 »
ace4.6 Is that right you are selling your immaculate looking 4.6 Brooklands?
   BTW, thanks for the tip on Oxted Trimming. I'm still hoping to source an existing hood in preference to having one made, as a one off would be expensive, but I'll keep Oxted on file. By rights I should have got the hood from the fire damaged Ace last week. I offered £3,000 for the car, but trying to be clever the breaker sold the hood for £1200 and said I could have the rest for £3000, which I declined. They subsequently the sold remainder for less than £1500 - great way to do business I don't think!!

Has anyone converted their cable clutch to hydraulic action? I ask because I’m ditching the AODE slush pump in my Brooklands Ace this winter for a Tremec 6-speed, but was shocked when I drove a manual one recently how heavy the clutch was, and wondered whether going for hydraulic operation might lighter things up a bit?
   Cheers, Max

General Forum / Reply to nanard289's question on Photo Compilation
« on: February 27, 2007, 12:35:58 »
nanard289, to keep photo compilation free of dialogue I'm replying via new topic.  
Max, you have a nice license plate number  About your manual transmission conversion, did you find enough space to locate an additional master cylinder to drive the clutch? Engine compartment looks crammed full

   I've not done the conversion yet (next winter's project). I have the gearbox, flywheel, clutch etc, but still gathering remaining parts together. I would prefer hydraulic clutch operation, but to keep things a little simplier I'm going with cable operation initially with a view to changing to hydraulic later if need be. The no. plate came courtesy of my girlfriend. She got it from the club magazine a few years ago as a birthday present. Glad you like it.

General Forum / mysterious black box
« on: February 19, 2007, 22:04:32 »
Converting the US style “running lights” on my Brooklands Ace to side repeaters (MoT requirement) I came across this mysterious box in the void behind the front offside valance. It looks quite important, with lots of wires, and my initial thought was it was the illusive ecu I’m trying to locate. But it’s not the right size and the Ford part no. F48F-12B577-AA doesn’t tally with ecu numbers. Any ideas?

   The T56 manual conversion for my Brooklands Ace is paid for and ready to dispatch, but at the 11th hour DDPerformance have asked what size diff flange is fitted (apparently Mustangs used to size flanges). The exhaust is in the way making it impossible to measure, and to make matter worse I go away tomorrow and wanted the tranny and driveshaft delivered while away. Do you by any chance know what size flange was fitted on the Brooklands Ace??

Rick. I could really do with having that pedal box part number???

General Forum / Joke at expense of English electrics!
« on: December 16, 2006, 16:54:31 »
Joke received from mate in USA a while back poking fun at the electrics on English cars. Maybe it’s already widely known, although I’d not heard it until then.
   A sheet of paper crossed my desk the other day and as I read it,
   realization of a basic truth came over me. So simple! So obvious we
   couldn't see it! John Kuivinen, Chairman of the Palomar Repeater
   Committee, an amateur radio group I think, has discovered what makes
   integrated circuits work. He says that smoke is the thing that makes
   ICs work because every time you let smoke out of an IC it stops
   working. He claims to have verified this through thorough testing.
   I was flabbergasted! Of course! Smoke makes all things electrical
   work. Remember the last time smoke escaped from your Lucas voltage
   regulator? Didn't it quit working? I sat and smiled like an idiot as
   more of the truth dawned. It's the wiring harness that carries smoke
   from one device to another in your Mini and when the harness springs a
   leak, it lets the smoke out of everything all at once and then nothing
   works. The starter motor requires large quantities of smoke to operate
   properly, that's why the wire going to it is so big.
   Feeling very smug, I continued to expand my hypothesis. Why are Lucas
   electrics more likely to leak smoke than, say Bosch? Hmmm. Aha!
   Lucas is British. Things British always leak. British convertible tops leak water. British engines leak oil. British displacer units leak hydroelastic fluid. British governments leak defence secrets. Naturally! British electrics leak smoke.

I’m in advanced stage of importing T56 6-speed box to go in Brooklands Ace and will need clutch pedal assembly (currently AODE auto), but have no idea whether it’s a US or UK Ford item. I see from other threads the CRS uses a clutch cable, which leads me to suspect the same set-up was used on both cars ie cable pulled over pedal quadrant. A further clue might lay in the brake operation – the Ace has ABS with power assistance via electric pump rather than vacuum servo. If the CRS uses the same system it's likely they share the same clutch mechanism. Any thoughts anyone?

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