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ACOC News and Events / Re: Bangers and Cash
« on: July 03, 2019, 19:19:39 »
I wrote a large ramble to contribute but it timed out on me.  Probably for the best!  I went from future generations choice of nostalgic motor (E.g. Nissan Leaf ? Haha), to Office for Statistics averages incomes versus the cost of many ACs.  Clearly many are already unaffordable to the the point we can't escape that the number of ACs on the road or ultimately available (or in what it may) is not a vast number.  It shall therefor always be hard to double subscriptions etc etc.  I asked whether we desire new blood, or young blood, and what would you consider as young anyway?  New memberships I am sure are largely new owners or prospective owners and I'd hope shall continue to be sustained.  Content/engagements to draw in the younger audience might vary from current membership offerings.  Anyhow, I couldn't resist sharing a pic of some new and young (my son Jack not me) blood...though he doesn't yet pay his dues and Dad only just remembered to renew.

We actively get the CRS out around Aberdeenshire, often amongst friends whom also burn fossil fuels using A.C.'s good name...its perhaps the least we could do to help drum up on going interest in the brand.

Mk IV, Superblower, CRS and other Continuation Cars Forum / TYRES
« on: April 24, 2015, 13:02:30 »
Hi, apologies I might have over-estimated what I paid for Michelin's to fit 16" wheels.  Went back and checked.  Price as per January 2015:
   - 255/50 R16 99 Y Pilot Sport, £282.91ea
   - 225/50 R16 92 Y Pilot Sport, £181.79ea
   Total £1,115.28 incl. VAT 20%.
   £400 a tyre was for the audi.

Mk IV, Superblower, CRS and other Continuation Cars Forum / TYRES
« on: April 24, 2015, 11:01:15 »
Hi,  I recently changed the factory fitted Cooper Cobras on 9502, which after 11k miles were only worn on rears.  However they were very hard and slippy in damp conditions...I couldn't keep pace with Graham on his Khumos, ignoring his other mods! or Barrie in his CRS on Avons, ignoring his far superior AC driving experience.
   I fitted the Michelin Pilot Sports (on original 16" wheels), from Tyres Pneus Online, more or less £400ea.  They are so far, 250 miles in, infinitely better than previous tyres in both wet and dry.
   I have little doubt though that the Khumos would also have been a vast improvement over aged tyres.  There was no reason, or at least any sound reference, as to why I chose Michelin over Khumo.  Suffice to say that if my new Michelin's on the rears do not last 10k miles I will probably then switch to the more affordable boots.  Perhaps a blessing of the more relaxed and civilised CRS is that spinning the tyres is a rare occurance, which is quite beneficial to the tyres working life.
   Happy motoring,

Hi Graham - thanks for the info.  Yes I recently saw CSX2033 in Inverurie on a Sunday and it caught me by surprise!  Research then led me to the Fennel V8 Breakfast Club via a picture of CSX2033 on flickr.  I am currently in Africa but rest assured now that I have seen the amazing display of exotic cars at Fennel on a Sunday morning it will be high on my list of things to do when back.
   Best regards

   Quite amusing to find I have been snapped by a fast reacting person as I whizzed by the Anderson drive & Queens Road roundabout.  Nice picture, I'll keep that one for the record books.  Who took it or where was it posted?
   It was indeed a long test drive.

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