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ACOC News and Events / Shere Hill Climb 2nd Sept
« on: August 02, 2018, 11:47:32 »
We have been asked by the organizers if the club would like to have a reserved space at the event to display our cars. This is for display only (not driving the hill) and would still require the purchase of individual admission tickets for the event.
I will not be going as I am already booked to be at Brooklands for the American Car Day. Is anyone interested in displaying their car at the Hill Climb ?

Please  see below from the organizers.
Thanks - John.

I am hoping to confirm the last few car club displays in the next week or so and wondered if you would like an area reserved for your AC Owners Club. Reserving an area is free of charge and all visitors just need to buy a ticket

Since we last spoke we have confirmed a number of additional displays and activities alongside the 170 cars which will be taking on the Hill Climb:
There will be processions by Box Hill Mini Club and Ronart Drivers’ Club, a Harley Davidson display and Mercedes-Benz World Brooklands offering taster sessions for their junior driving experience (£15 for a 15 minute session in a dual control Mercedes with an instructor). There will also be a Silent Pool music tent offering a gin and prosecco bar to accompany music from rock covers band Hog Wild, and a beer tent from Tillingbourne Brewery alongside other car club displays, children’s attractions, trade stands and catering facilities.
In the evening Shere Village Cinema and Surrey Mobile Physio will be running an ‘Italian evening’ showing the original ‘The Italian Job’. Tickets are available now and include pre film nibbles, pizza slices and gelato.
Let me know if you would like a space

Thank you Anthony I appreciate your kind offer. The magazine has recently contacted me to say they have now found a car for the article. But I will keep you in mind for future requests if that's OK with you.
   Thanks again - John.

ACOC News and Events / 2016 NEC Classic Car Show.
« on: November 16, 2016, 15:51:39 »
Yes, a big thank you to Jeremy and Tony for all their hard work and organizing. I think Ian's Greyhound was certainly the big draw on the stand. It was also good to meet club members and previous AC owners.

I would be interested to know how you progress. I have been trying to find replacements for years. If your samples don't work, I met a chap at the Beaulieu Autojumble who offered to make a batch of the rubber buttons. His minimum order is 100.

The Aceca episode of Car SOS is now available on YouTube.

I'm pleased you enjoyed the episode. They had a team of 10 people working on the car and it took a little more than two weeks ;)
   Plus they farmed out the engine work.
   Such is the magic of TV.

ACOC News and Events / TOUR AUTO 2016. l'Anniversaire 25.
« on: April 20, 2016, 18:27:55 »
Thanks for posting and the great photos :)

General Forum / Importing
« on: July 24, 2015, 12:49:54 »
Try David Smith at
   He moves a lot of the cars for the Goodwood events and classic auctions.

Pleased to hear you're OK and your car is back on the road. Black is a big improvement - but then I would say that, I'm biased.

The starter solenoid can be a weak point on the MkIV, but it usually causes the starter not to disengage which is a whole different problem. In the past I also had a problem starting my car and it turned out the earth/ground wire had a very poor connection. Although it looked like the bolt and cable were a good connection, in fact the circuit was being made by just a few strands of wire. With a better connector, things were cured. BTW – I had a linked problem with the battery isolator under the dash – again not making a good connection. I had the switch replaced with a better quality unity with better connections.
   Cheers – John.

My fan is in front of the radiator in the nose and was replaced without the need to remove the rad.

Experience has taught me to always carry spare clutch and throttle cables. Thunder Road usually carry a few in stock and it's always been an off-the-shelf item. I think I'm now on my third or fourth cable in 10 years and 25,000 miles. BTW if you ever need to get the clutch cable replaced by the roadside or away from home make sure you keep the big bit of plastic which is part of the connection as it’s the hardest part to get when getting a new cable made. I found this out after I’d thanked the AA man  and watched him drive off with my old cable in his van.

The Marylebone meeting is also the monthly council meeting and you would be very welcome to come along. Though some attendees do drive their AC to the meeting, it’s not the kind of meeting where we get a pint and go outside, kick the tyres and talk left-handed widgets all evening.
   Come along one month and see if it’s your kind of thing.

Hi Andy,
   Welcome to the club and welcome to MkIV ownership. I noticed your car at Thunder Road a little while ago and you certainly have a good car with a great history. I hope you are booked for National Day and look forward to meeting you.

The notchy or jerky action of the LSD can be due to the way it has been set to lock. When I trashed my diff last year Thunder Road had it rebuild by a specialist and I then took it to France for a classic event. On the trip the diff became increasingly “tight” making roundabouts and junctions particularly difficult. It got to the point when pulling out of a junction the diff would locked causing the car to hop round corners or spin the wheels. Once back in the UK TR whipped it out and back to the specialist – it turns out it was set more to race spec than street spec. Within 24 hours it was back in the car filled with what TR called “the most expensive oil in the world” (plus the recommended additive). The diff has been fine ever since.

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