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Title: Cobras at Prescott
Post by: 2000 on August 08, 2019, 17:41:50
Chris Rogers, The General Manager at the Bugatti Owners Club, has invited Cobra owners to their Autumn Classic meeting on Saturday October 5th and Sunday October 6th.

The event has an Anglo-American theme and he believes that there is no car that epitomises this theme better than the Cobra.

He has offered a reserved display area for Cobras in the Orchard at Prescott, a discounted admission rate and, if there is enough support, a cavalcade of Cobras up the Hill at lunchtime.

I have a close association with the Bugatti Owners Club and can act as the link between interested owners and their Club. Initially I would ask members to contact me by Email:- so that I can ascertain the extent of interest within the Club.

The attachment gives further details.

Michael Billingham
Title: Re: Cobras at Prescott
Post by: Clive Austin on August 14, 2019, 19:22:09
I've raced there for the last few years (sadly not in a Cobra as I still haven't found a lightweight) and it's a great "end of term" event with a fun atmosphere.  Prescott is a very nice venue too having had some considerable investment in recent years.  Highly recommended.
Title: Re: Cobras at Prescott
Post by: ted on September 06, 2019, 14:08:29
Hi Michael,

This sounds like a great event to be invited to. Unfortunately with the low traffic of the forum these days I'm guessing you didn't receive much interest? I would have suggested getting the ad in ACtion as soon as the invite was extended to the club but it is a bit late for that now.

Unfortunately, the Saturday clashes with the Castle Combe Autumn Classic which rules us out. The Sunday may still be a possibility. I will email you directly.
Title: Re: Cobras at Prescott
Post by: 2000 on September 17, 2019, 16:00:00
Unfortunately I left it too late to attract any interest in the Anglo-American Autumn Classic meeting at Prescott this year and have Emailed the Bugatti Owners Club thanking them but declining their invitation. We will try again next year. I will advertise the event much earlier and get details in Action some months before. The event has good possibilities and is ideally suited to Cobras.