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Title: Hood power
Post by: AcemanToo on December 02, 2020, 12:28:28
Is there anybody out there who can help me on this one? Does the power supply to the hood mechanism have a fuse? Does anyone know where it's located? My car has a working pump, a tested ECU, correct level of hydraulic fluid and no apparent leaks on any of the hood hydraulics. With the engine running, none of the lights regarding hood operation work. Any ideas welcome!
Title: Re: Hood power
Post by: paho on December 02, 2020, 15:44:21
Here are some leads/checks you can do, and sequence to follow; I'm assuming the checks you've done on the units were on the workbench.
Fuse 13 in the main fuse box could be the one, power to the control unit (ECU) is supplied via the ignition key switch and from the line fuse supplying the pump.
Power to the pump is supplied by the 30Amp fuse found near the battery terminal, see pic in post:
page 3.
You can check both power feeds by removing the relay mounted beside the ECU, see pic attached. Mine is marked "214" with an Audi symbol, its a WAG part common
on Audis, scrapyards here seem to be full of them (143 hits).

My roof does not always lower when the engine runs (why I wonder?)
Make sure the manual release catch is pushed in to the locked position.
For "roof down" my vehicle has to be in neutral with the handbrake on and the ignition on
without the engine running to work (9 times out of 10).
The red light should come on when the roof is unlocked and the hood front lifted to the position where it doesn't drop down.
The windows should drop down about 2 inches too (only the passenger window drops on my vehicle).
There is only one light to my knowledge, though I seem to remember a mention of lights on the ECU unit from somewhere....

For "roof up" same procedure except I can usually run the engine.
I don't think the Thatcham ignition disabler has to be switched into start engine mode to operate the roof.
Title: Re: Hood power
Post by: AcemanToo on December 02, 2020, 16:48:03
Many thanks! I shall take a look at it all tomorrow to see what I can find!